PlayStation Climbing Mesh bug

Basic Info:
Platform: PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition)
(Also ps4 and ps5)
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
(everyserver/ privatserver)
Server Type: PvP PvPK PvE
Map: Exiled Lands / Siptah
Server Name: 3097 (everyserver/ privat)

Bug Description:
You can mesh yourself throu structures and ceelings while climbing.
The result of this bug is that you can empty an players base without raiding them.

Bug Reproduction:
You have to climb on a ceiling for example and hang straight down, if you are hanging on a slope this cant work.
If you are hanging straight down with your arms holding the ceeling you need to have more than 2 full foundations of space under you.
If thats the case you have to leave the game while climbing (dont move) and then relog back to the server.
After the relog the game will mesh you throu the ceeling and you stand on top of the structure.
(It can mesh up to 1.5 foundations of hight, any further will result to you meshing in the foundation and be stuck there forever)
This also works on strucktures as explained.


Every time we log in the player is in freefall. Usually that either finds ground or times out. It’s a hack.

In the last patch, the climbing bit was greatly fixed. No longer do I have to jump a million times before it gets it.

Hello i feel like my instructions werent clear enough. I send a few images where i meshed throu a ceeling on an official pvp server on ps5
Its hard to show with only pictures but all i did was log off and join back in while hanging.
(In this exaple i had 3 full foundations of space under me.
And the last picture showes me on top of the ceeling.
(Where i meshed throu)

PS: that glitch is known to a small part of the pvp comunity.
And works on ps4 too.

Sorry i mentioned that it would work on coop…
Thats the only place it doesnt work like i explained.
But on every other running server you will mesh throu.

This is why I stopped playing PvP. Too many folks looking for loopholes vs just playing the game. Yes exploits need to be fixed but if the caliber of players playing are primarily exploiters, then you might as well just shut down the PvP game completely because there will always be some weakness in the game to exploit.

Reminds me of the bar analogy. If you have went to a bar for years and had a good time, then a new group of kids come in and change the feel of the bar, you can complain but you just got to find a new bar to go to. That old bar is “ruined”.

The glare made it hard to tell what I was looking at in the last one. You can either wait for the mod to come by and link your post or you can use their new form to file a bug report here. I was curious about this one, so I tried to help.

Guess i got to wait^^
But i got like 2.5k Hours in this game so, i can surely say thats a thing^^
But i might file a new report tomorrow to show all this a little bit better