PlayStation Distance Render Issue (White)

Since update on PlayStation on 02.09.21, far distance rendered imagery and objects in both exiled lands and Isle of Siptah are faded into white. Ruins visuals for game entirely.


Select “Settings” from the main menu. Select the “Video” tab. Select the quality/performance drop down. If neither looks right then select box for restore defaults.

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The new version of the game was deployed today. Try to close application and start it up again.

When I selected restore defaults, the white out was gone.

I made it faded blue, but is obviously still bugged…

Same for me. The draw distance dropped significantly compared to 2.4.6. Before I could see the Tower from any point of the island. Now I only see a blue silhouette both in Performance and Quality modes. At the same time the draw distance is okay if I play Single Player (it lloks like pre-patch)

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Will report tomorrow still have hours to download it is PSN not my internet. Good Night Every one. :sleeping:

I’ve downloaded the latest version and this is what I’m seeing. At least the game has stopped freezing, but they seem to fix something and break something else at the same time. This was not an issue before the latest download.

Anything in the distance is in white outline and it looks particularly terrible at night

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A day later and the settings got messed up again, and it looks all white like the above pic.

I read yesterday about changing some settings in ps4 console not sure witch one. Same problem for me.

Anyone had any luck with this problem? Or heaven forbid…. A response from Funcom?

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