Rendering Distance on the IoS Shoreline Greatly Reduced

Game mode: [ Singleplayer ]
Type of issue: [ Bug? | Performance? ]
Server type: [ Offline Singleplayer]
Region: [ Aus ]
Hardware: [ PS4 ]

Bug Description:

For some reason since the most recent Update on ps4 the rendering distance for the ocean on the shores of the Isle of Siptah has been significantly reduced. Much like on the Silent Hill 2 remaster (no offence intended, honest) it looks like we can see over the edge of a flat world, or lake we are staring off the edge of the Earth.

Apologies for the shody picture quality, I am not sure if they adequately capture the salience of the situation.

Expected Behavior:

Decreased rendering, lowered immersion. Not sure what else to put.

Steps to Reproduce:

Start an Offline Singleplayer game. Travel to the Scavenger Coast on the Western and North-Western edges of the Isle of Siptah. Travel close to the shoreline and look to the West.


Not the exact same thing as the water, but ever since the last patch, far away backgrounds in the Exile Lands are all white. Like you see rock formations, white against the sky, and if there is a tower somewhere there, it might be fully formed, giving the appearance that it is ominously floating, like some giant, creepy obelisk. Against white, unfinished mountains :confused:


While I know it looks like the fog at work here cristihan, this time around, for me at least, I feel that it is actually just a reduced rendering distance. This is coming from a chap who has used the Admin Panel to teleport beyond the green Cursed Wall, and has literally looked off the side of the edge of the world before. :dizzy_face:


Yes me too Alhambra! For example, there might be an enemy camp with a brazier. The camp will be invisible until we get closer, and we will just see the brazier gloat in miid air on an all white background. It is very immersion breaking.


If memory serves me correctly I did not begin to notice this until the previous update cristihan. But anyway, let us see if we can get someone to have a look at it shall we.


This is odd. Just tested and can confirm, the draw distance is reduced across the shoreline around Siptah. The most interesting part is that this only occurs in single player. Everything’s fine in multiplayer.


No apologies necessary for what was simple (and completely mutual) confusion cristihan. In regards to the pictures you mentioned, did you upload these in a dedicated thread of your own, in the megathread, or did you just send them vis a PM?


Interesting. Since 2.4.6 I’ve created like 20 characters on different private and official servers (PvE, PvE-C and PvP) nad never encountered this until I read this post. I created a character in SP and saw this. But then I created a new character on yet another PvE-C server and everything was fine… Maybe the issue occurs on specific servers? What’s your PvE-C server where you encounter this issue?

Okay, now after 2.5.1 this happens on Official servers too. Also, the draw distance has dropped significantly after the patch. Where I used to see the whole Tower, now I see only the blue silhouette.


Now this is getting out of hand. I created a new character on single player, and the draw distance is fine. Then I created an ew character on Official PvE server, and Silent Hill again. Video settings: Quality. What has changed?


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