Please add Sandbeast as pets

So I know we can’t have these as pets, and most likely will never be able to.

But I would LOVE to be able to have a sandbeast as a pet, my current fave is my Saber but who wouldn’t want a sandbeast, look at how cute they are…


I too would like a stinger kitty

give another reason to send players to that part of the map to… and they should add more of them back to that area… it used to be a real challenge…

While they are still hard to beat its still a little easy in that area :stuck_out_tongue:

Exiled Lands Improved mod on private servers has Sandbeasts as pets.

this is Xbox tagged.
But it does show it is possible.
Maybe a jungle pet update
Gorillas, Sand Beast, giant Snak…err rainbows.

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Oh thanks, Durr on my part - I get excited about mods!

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@WhatMightHaveBeen def gorillas, i know a number of people that want them as pets to

@croozi haha i would like mods on the xbox :stuck_out_tongue:

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