Please add tree groves

I’d like to request tree groves be added to the base game.

groves would be trees in a rough circle which would give players a nice spot within which to build a shaded based. groves would be found scattered around the world using different tree types and sizes

obviously, the trees would be unfarmable

i used the Baobab tree in this example:




Been asking for place-able tree for few years now.

One day…
It be nice just to place one of mid size ones, so I can have a on spot tree fort, next to river that doesnt despawn. XD

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Yeah. Adding more farming/planting mechanics would be so sweet. I’d love to plant a forest around my base. I dislike how trees despawn anywhere near where you build.

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I agree. I’ve always hoped for a “Marking” system, where you can mark trees to permanently remove. That way if a tree isn’t “Marked” or directly colliding with Geometry it would respawn. Problem is, I’m not sure how feasible this would be code wise.

I like placeable trees too, however they should be restricted in some biomes

Like no pinetrees in the jungle or desert, and no palm trees in the northern biomes, no trees in the volcano at all.

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i figured funcom could sprinkle groves around the world which would fit the biom its in

there is a mod that will give you in-game trees to place but that’s not for official servers.

official servers with groves would be cool

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I am almost 100% sure that this will never happen, it would mess up a lot of bases on the servers that are built where those groves would be added :slight_smile:

I would love more garden plants for bases, but I’m not sure trees directly on the ground would be a good idea, I can already imagine people littering them everywhere and also in places where they wouldn’t naturally grow - I doubt it will be an easy task to make rules for where they can be placed :slight_smile:

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They figure out population limit, I’m sure they can tag Certain Objects like Large trees, and some other fun objects to 5-10 limit per player, and adjust it per clan.

I’d help fix fishtrap spam (allow them step that back) and work on other thing player over use to limit production to normal levels.

As long as this trees would be plantable deko items with low hp it wouldn´t be a problem. We already got pots in the game and they are great for making small gardends or hide an entrance on pvp servers and I never saw a problem with them on at least privat pvp servers. But the game definitly needs an option to grow trees. I also would like to see some stuff like corn, wheat and/or rice generation in the game, because this are well known food sources in the history of evolution. And some new recipes to make some delisious foods. I even like to see a trader system in the game. Knock down a trader npc, put them in the wheel and then toss him/her at your base. Craft a trader chest, put it down in your base. Link it to the npc (so you can have several chests and traders) Put some items in in, define the price. Then yourself and other players can go to the traders outside and trade.

For me, those mid sized trees would need Decent HP, As they would be in foundation catogory, So I could attach tree platform and make tree house were i wanted, and instead of being limited to 95% bad locations most of tree are in 1st place. =/

Which is kinda why i think TC wants tree groves, As most of ones we have have NPC next to them or are just in odd spots.