We can plant bushes but not trees that make no sens

it will be nice if they add so we can plant trees and it will take much much longer time to grove becuse its make no sens for me we can plant bushes but not trees. and for us there cannot go in admin mode in PvE servers and want to create a wonder full place we can remember and enjoy while we play see what what we have build for hours, i think then we cannot plant trees its kinda destroys the feeling to decorate the outsite house or building.

There are some mods in PC-land for planting trees, but I would assume that trees normally ‘take too long to grow’ and could make things lag. :sunglasses:

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It makes perfect sense. This is a survival game, the “plants” all have a purpose, potions, dyes etc.

I am not saying you wanting to plant trees is wrong, I am just pointing out the genre of the game itself.


These are minecraft habits :rofl:. Anyone who played minecraft wants to plant trees, or create charcoal from wood. It is very logical for players to notice what they miss from other games. Still it is very logical for some of us not to want possible harmful changes. But to be honest, because I played minecraft, I would love to plant trees too, or not to loose the trees from the yard I surrounded if possible. Having trees inside your estate is beautiful, for me at least.

minecraft… I mean… I just want tree on my lawn. >_>

I can go all way back to harvest moon or some other game that let me. XD

Or 7days to die - plenty of tree planting in that game (either for decoration or to harvest later for wood). Then I noticed they had growable Maple trees, so I had to mod in a way to make the mature trees tappable for maple sap, to be refined down to make maple syrup. So then of course I had to mod in pancakes :smiley:

(…and now I want pancakes…dammit)


I was just about to type that in myself. Huge groves of trees in 7DTD… :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if trees in Conan could be used for defense in PVP?

Sounds like it could be an interesting discussion anyway…


I’ve seen requests for cosmetic trees a few times. I like the idea, but I personally think they would need to be instantly distinguishable from normal resource trees.

I have to agree with JJ here. Not that I don’t like the idea of decorative/placeable trees (in fact I’d love it) but the sheer amount of time a tree takes to grow (could be decades) means it makes perfect sense for players not to be able to access them.

Of course the nature of the Exiled Lands (and IoS) already requires a healthy suspension of disbelief what with all the respawning, but at least in my headcanon that’s due to the curse (or blessing?) of the lands maintaining their status quo.


You know that I admire you and idore @JJDancer. Still if you break a rock it cannot grow back, same with the trees. Fiber bushes are technically green parasites, you toss one 10 will appear in no time around the one you tried to destroy. So in the logic that everything respawns in 15 min there are no decades of years of growing logic.
The only logical explanation is decoration. I don’t want to have growing trees in a place, I don’t need them actually. Eventually I will have to go somewhere to farm something, I can always farm some wood and put it in my horse :man_shrugging:, no big deal. I would love however to have decorative options of different trees, you know the kind of place able that you dismantle or return to your inventory. Gardens without trees are… Less.
I think you get my point here :wink:.


We tame animals from eggs to adults… growing a tree isn’t really issue, since different tree grow at different speeds.

I have “coffee” tree. (Not a Coffee “drink” tree) Took less then year bypass my height, year 2, its towering over garage.
Took my small pine tree 11 years to get to my height.

Park near by, plants certain ones (don’t know name) Along sidewalks and main park that all grow fairly fast.

I think main issue is…and whats most brought up. SPAM.
Much like torches… it would be a major issue.

But… you know, we can set limits on placeables… So 10 or something. And make them not able place within another tree.

I love idea of tree… I’m one of many who have made thread asking for them.
I want one in middle of my home, with all buildings around it.

Or even one of large ones along river, so I can better use tree Platform.

I think at best, they just need a limit on how many each user can have.

I know, I know. I was just trying to fit what is most certainly out-of-game reasons inside established canon.

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Like plantable pallisades. That could be pretty cool. Might take some balancing, but the ‘outer dark’ component could be used to make them suitably expensive to grow. It’d certainly allow for some ‘fairy tale’ buildings :slight_smile:

It’s the bees. Good luck killing a swarm of bees with a sword!

Though if playing Diablo has taught me nothing else, and it hasn’t, it is that meleeing a swarm of insects is entirely doable. #Logik


I too would like to see tree placeables, if only smaller ones, anything really. I see the issue with the spam, but placing 100 hops bushes isn’t much better either. If we could get a few types of deco trees similar to the ones available through mods (which still look like deco due to their small “patch”). This would add so much to the outdoor decoration of a base. And if plants need a purpose as was pointed out here, there are other survival games where trees provide tree sap or even have beehives nestled within. Having a small outpost blend in a bit more with the environment by having trees cover certain areas would also make sense.

This brings me to the general lack of plant decorations, I want to see more placeables (without the need to use mods) like smaller plant pots which can be used as table/shelf decorations, hanging basket planters, etc. Going a bit off topic, but there’s also a severe lack of wall placables (and that could include more plants as well). Yes, we have a few wall torches, trophies, insignias, paintings, tapestries, (and weapon racks)… but I’d like to see more. It was actually great to see the new Nemedian Reliefs in the last DLC – please give us more of this!


I rarely see you here, so I’ll grab the chance to thank you for everything you’ve done for us all these years. Your videos were always helpful and to the point.
I don’t actually care if the trees will provide me reisin(tree sap), I am not interested to see Forest in Conan exiles, all I care is 2 simple things.
1, the trees that I did not cut inside my territory not vanished(same with rocks) .
2, To have trees as place ables , different kind of trees, I would definitely pay a dlc with trees collection, I always fix a garden so I would definitely love to have some trees inside… and why not a chandelier :wink:


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