Please, allow us to stop the Cinematic from playing

Ask yourself why the vast majority of games don’t have an option to disable logos at the start. And no, it’s not because the game devs are lazy or whatever other cliché thing you come up with.

And instead of getting mad at me that you don’t know what an ini is, ask, or research it. Its not even “modding”.

As for the tiny inconvenience of having to change that ini file every major update, go over to lbprs workshop page, look at the number of times its been updated (vast majority becauseof an update). Then multiple that 30 seconds times 600,000 seconds, convert it to hours, scream at yourself for several hours to simulate the people being impatient for you to do a mod update or to blame everything under the sun as being your fault, and then come tell me how annoying it is to make a 30 second ini edit.

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It would be a small QoL feature that could be implemented. Skipping the intro video, not logos.

I’ve invited a lot of friends and folks I have met over the years to CE and it’s something that each one has commented on.

It’s not about how much time it takes to mod and be proficient in the devkit vs making a small text edit in an ini file.

It’s about convenience and that is essentially the purpose of a launcher like the one that has been introduced.

You can also edit your own mod lists via text editor, though the CE team integrated a nice GUI for those who prefer not to do it via the TXT files.

There is really no argument. They could add it as a checkbox or whatever to the launcher and those who wish to use it, would be happy and those who don’t, can ignore it and carry on.

Edit How many times have you folks been on Discord or talking to others via whatever means, you launch CE mid conversation and then have to yell “SORRY, INTRO STARTED, CAN’T HEAR YOU.”?


I did it in other games (borderlands which are UE games too), how the heck did I forget this practice here… :man_facepalming:

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Personally I would prefer a volume option for the Nvidia and Funcom intro at the beginning that for some reason is the volume of a TV ad from the 80s (very very loud compared to the rest of the game volume).


This ^^ If we can simply mute it, there will be no need to remove it.

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Stop defending them. Most of the games play intro MOVIE not logos only once. And they HAS checkbox for it, it not shown to the pkayer, but it exists in… .ini (!). Like “intromoviewatched=1” or 0 if not.
Its very simple right? I totally understand why people are bored of watching that cinematic 10000 times.
Aslo does ps4/xbox allow to edit inis?


It is. Just make the file read-only and it becomes a permanent solution. If the file is read-only, the game updates or verifying the game files won’t revert the ini file change :wink: You’re welcome!

I dont even get past the funcom logo anymore before I can skip. I kinda miss “furst”…

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