Please, allow us to stop the Cinematic from playing

Enough is enough,
‘They took your family and your riches’ have burned into everyones mind, scarring our synapses forever.
Please add a setting, where we can disable the Cinematic from further playing at the start of the game.
I am begging you.

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Takes about 30 seconds to modify an ini.

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I’ve always been able to skip the intro as intended. It isn’t till you start using mods that for some odd reason, disables the ability to skip the intro properly.

Actually, if I’m correct, the loading cinematics can not be interrupted until the game loads. With mods the loading time will incerase, that could cause the inability to skip them videos. When the game witout mods was on HDD, I have to wait a few seconds. With mods, a LOT of seconds. Then with SSD without mods it was immediate, then again, with mods it is a couple seconds, not much. But as @Multigun said, it is possible to skip with .ini editing (instead of the cinematics, black screen will appear for a short time), but every (probably not every? only major?) updates overwrite it.


I don’t want to skip it, i don’t want it to start in the first place. Having Mods and HDD is my issue indeed, i cannot skip it.
And i don’t want to go into the .ini file everytime i repair files, to remove the cinematic. The Cinematic should be able to be disabled, for someone who does not want to see it again.

So sensitive…
You can skip after menu loads, natively

I have 6500 hours in the game, I Know that i can skip it.
The issue is that i don’t want it to start, since i cannot skip it, because of my loading time with mods.
Usually i am alt tabbing so i can browse something while the game loads up, but the sound still plays.
The cinematic is great, i just got fed up with it after listening for it for the thousand time.

.ini editing is the only option to disable it. Otherwise you only can skip it.

Exactly, why isn’t there a setting for it? The ini. editing seems to be a widespread solution, but why does it require for the players to get into the games files to remove it? And each time upon repairing said files it goes back to its original.

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They took my family and riches but I got cool bracelet. It glows! How awesome is that.

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Have you tried rebooting your computer, or using the on/off cino switch?

That 2 minutes you just spent creating this waaa thread, could’ve been spent doing what again?

I don’t like the idea of being forced to watch cinematic intros too, most of the games do that, but we can not do anything else if we don’t want to watch intros, we have to do workarounds.
It is what it is. Until there are solution(s) for that, it does not really bother me.

No …

Is there any option to disable it?

What if I told you that changing a setting is editing the ini?

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What if i told you that i’ve done that 2 minute process for a lot of time now at each Update from Funcom.
I am a long time player of the game. Each time there is something funky with the Update and i have to verify/repair files the ini reverts to its original state.
Forced Cinematics become cancer after a while, a simple disable option that keeps being disabled after a File Repair would be great.
So no, editing the games ini file is no permanent solution.

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I just right click my mouse pointer and it`s gone.

nor it is a solution at all, you’ll exchange intro movie to black screen that will last equal amount of time as intro, cause game has to load anyway… why it is so hard to grasp?

There is a simple solution to hack this.

  • Go to the folder below, create a new empty text document and rename it with the video name (delete the video before).
  • Do this for each video.
  • The game will load 0 size video, it is like all videos are skipped :slight_smile:

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Options besides editing software (for normies) would be nice and I think was more of what the OP was asking for. “Please add a setting”. It’s not much to ask from a game developing studio that has been around for decades. Maybe it’s familiar to you, but I, for example, have never heard of an .ini file. I don’t delve in mods though, cause I am a casual player.

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