One of the best suggestions ever

Please…dear Funcom…we’ve suffered enough of the starting Cinematics terror…

The game is heavily modded and servers are often updating, please, please…PLEASE :rofl:

Can you do something about it?

<3 <3 <3


Funcom might not, but YOU can, and here’s how:

Navigate to your Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Config directory.
Find a file called DefaultGame.ini

Look for line:


Change the + in front of movies to a - as follows:


Skip past all movies instantly.
(You’ll need to repeat this after major updates which overwrite your ini file)


Yea I know this one…but as you said and everyone knows…this has to be changed after mod hassle or shuffle everytime. Workarounds around broken “highway” aren’t supposed to be replacing the “highway.”

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Agreed, and I figured you did, but others might have the same question and the information might help them in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Funcom, what if we got a new movie for Siptah to replace, “First, they took your family and your riches”!?

Also, Hi Scara!

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The faster you can get to action the better, so yes, the intro videos are not necessary, you can place the cinematic in a separate button so the player can watch it when he/she wants to.

The cinematic from siptah was very nice and i would love to see more of them :^)

I enjoy the skipping and frozen picture with audio being mistimed on my ps4…

Pressing buttons to skip? works from time to time… yays ps4 fun!

I wish I could use mods, So I could slap the Movie intro on it. =3

happens the same on PC, using an HDD at least, it may be faster loading from an SSD.

Since I restart alot on my 2nd psn account, I noticed new save, or “small” save file form backup, it loads movie 90%, give or take. The main menu sticks thou as it tries load News/Advertisement…

My Main Character on other PSN, is when it clunks about and plays weird.

We would rather see a blank screen for the time it takes to run the video, with out all the nonsense of messing with files every few days.

Yep. Took me a long while to get the intro video to load when my game was installed on an HDD drive, and when it did load, it stuttered, was out of sync with the audio, etc. Moving the installation files to an SSD drive reduced loading times, a number of mods included, to a fraction, and I can actually skip the intro video from the moment Funcom’s logo first appears on screen.

Yeah, i noticed that unsubscribing from mods also helps a bit.It still freezes and its unresponsive to the skip command but at least i don’t have to wait untill the end :stuck_out_tongue:

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