Please developers don't abandon Conan Exiles, listen to your players

The game has enormous potential, and we players give you so many ideas that could improve drastically, listen to us players because there is no one who knows this game like us, add quests that give hard-to-get or middling resources, give life to cities, seize empty dungeons in the lands of exile, let’s save Conan Exiles.


I feel like a Conan Exiles 2 would be funcom’s best option and best way to maybe get everyone who was their player base back and focus on the PvP and the Role playing community together. But make the cosmetics and stuff go along with future dlc, they need to have combat kinda reverted back to the fast paced or how it is now with agility determining roll speed etc etc since it isn’t too bad as it stands… many things funcom can add. But Tone down how damage scaling works on bows and such to a reasonable level.

Make horses travel pets only no combat or make them unavailable in pvp servers… this mount takes away from the games ground pvp which was worked on hard and as such should get a little more respect, if they remain in pvp make it that you cannot remount a pet in the vicinity of another enemy or non clan player after dismounting or being knocked off, many ways to go about this but horses and pvp in this game shouldn’t mix at all

make bleed and status effects tone down on time lasting and damage

Remove lock on since the combat needs to be skill based this is really important.

Remove landclaim on building pieces and instead go with how Rust has their set up and or myth of empires… only allow sleeping bags or respawns on owned land only. Or fob land etc and make the TC or flag expensive to make and maintain.

Add raid days for certain servers instead of raid windows. And on different servers have raid windows everyday this makes it more friendly to players who work and or have no life both equally enjoy the pvp experience etc.

Make skill based fighting a thing again. So players can be fewer in numbers but still win altercations and fights

Keep the animation canceling out of the game as it wasn’t intended for the final product but left in and got abused by scripters etc

Allow higher player servers 40 isn’t enough pop on a server for 10 man clans. It needs to be 70+ and run fine since we have all this new tech I am sure we can make it perform at a decent rate and etc.

Thralls need to have the same max stats a player could have fully upgraded and receive the damage a player would receive and or deal. This makes thralls an addition to the hero NOT THE HERO but a helping hand.

Tame times should be a little less as well. PvE monsters and AI should get an upgrade and behave kinda how elden ring does it. Even some mmo’s have better pve AI,

Now server transfer is enabled BUT ONLY FOR THE PLAYER CHARACTER AND STATS no weapons or armor or anything like that can be cross server.

Make an in game friends list and make the game cross platform and the option for servers in cross platform and or not.

Make ddoss prevention a high priority to the game along with pvp game balance since games like these have shown It is the PvP players and Role players that after all Is said and done who will still play their game after the story gets stale and boring to do.

Remove any and all buff removal items or weapons to make farming them rewarding again.

Make getting banned be an actual thing, where as people who get banned cannot just make another account and play but have to submit for an appeal. and if they continue to cheat actually take legal action against people who hack and or change your games code. This will ensure players are all playing fairly

Remove Health bar display forever. This was a stupid add you cannot be tactical. But allow for you to see your own team mates with a head marker or option to have something similar to help qith identification.

Reimagine siege mechanics Make it less bombs more siege

Make building up be more like Rust for example where you have to start from sandstone and click on it and give it materials from the TC or inventory to upgrade the piece. This will allow for quick repairs still but needing to actually make the building strong again. No more tink tink repair spam meta.

Remove encumbrance jumping and killing players instead it does damage and the more encome you have the less damage or more you do. No insta kill stuff…

Removing or picking up benches and or things you placed down shouldn’t be a thing during raid hours or raid windows as it makes packing up and body vaulting a stupid issue.

Remove destroying walls and such and the actual items going into your inventory since that was the single handedly one of the dumbest add to pvp I have seen thus far so far in my Honest opinion, no offense funcom

Add the old stamina fatigue or something to its nature like you run out of stamina you will get a slower regen rate for a minute or something to make stamina management matter again

What are everyone’s thoughts and or opinions? Let’s get into it with Ark 2 coming out we need to have this kind of discussion. And I will be adding updates to this post as edits please be sure to read them.

If you guys enjoyed the read and agree click the like below and share this out to all the Conan lovers and see if they agree with me and or us. Let’s do this

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I feel like your preference is heavily leaned towards pvp servers. I find most of your wants ok, but i find a lot of them “just to make the game harder”. Not everyone within the community wants to fight the servers playerbase, some like myself just wanna build, explore, and group up together to tackle pve content. If we ourselves wanted pvp we would make an arena and put pvp flags around to enable a specific area. For me what really bothers me is two things: Lack of introverted pieces and when ever the devs add dlc its for buildings and not decorations. Please add more decor!


This is a post about pvp since that community is dying mostly. The pvp stuff i mentioned is and should have separate wants and needs but the basis is still all of these changes hardly effect pve but effect ALOT basically almost every aspect of pvp

oh my apologies i thought the discussion was for the game in general. And I fully agree that pvp and pve servers need different rule sets so that pvp can be balanced the best it can be without bothering any other part of the community. I avoid pvp in this game because i dont like my bases being destroyed or my supplies being looted. If it was just world pvp and say specific sieges that wasn’t your own base like clan bases i’d be down for that. But I know thats not what other people want so i just stick to my pve / pve-conflict servers.


Ahh yeah no PvP is what this is focused on entirely, PvE is also a point to add because it can effect it but these changes shouldn’t effect how PvE is played at all, that was my goal. was to make changes that worked for both parties. what are your thoughts on it so far?
and can you share this around?


hmm in my experiences with pvp on pve-conflict servers. It ultimatly was tied down to who had the best mount and who had the best thrall on their side. Player skill meant very little if you could avoid a lot of fighting on a horse and get your thrall to land a hit or two on the enemy before they themselves finished the job. From what i seen the common most complaints that turn people away at least on reddit is “hackers / exploiters” somehow getting into peoples locked bases and looting it or doing something that shouldnt be allowed.

I also think the magic update is gonna turn pvp on its head, idk how but it probably will. I think in my personal and almost non experienced opinion I feel like a closely watched pvp community that has rules enforced is better for everyone, but servers get a specific clan that just dominates and its no longer “survival” its just hide from the big bad or server transfer and hope they dont follow.

I never did a siege before so i can’t offer any opinion on that, the transfer with items thing i thought should of been a rule exclusive to pvp servers, letting it happen seems like a invitation for abuse. But most of your thoughts are good

Magic update? are they adding magic? to an already unbalanced game atm? sounds familiar doesnt it? Lol I gotta see the “Magic Update” is it on the forums? only thing magic should be involved is stat boosting and maybe weapon looks and effects. which they already tried weapons to have effects they just get spammed and sometimes are just madly broken and over tuned.

PvP is very similar to how you described it apart from zerging since numbers will win since you get more horses and thralls etc… which shouldnt be the case in a Player Vs Player (Not computer) game mode

They are wanting to add magic for a long time now. But they don’t really want like mages where all you do is cast spells to fight. They themselves at one point seemed unsure at which direction to take which is why their has been very little updates on it. But its a thing going forward they are wanting to add.

That is also partly the problem which boils down to a phrase old folks used to say… they have too many warchiefs not enough Indians. someone needs to have a vision of the final product and goals set in place to reach it… not … whats good tom? type of stuff. or we will end up getting something even worse than horses and thralls. god forbid they add the slow slow slow rolling animation back where you basically just died if you rolled Lol

Xbox owners would just like to be able to play again. The stability patch prior to IoS launch has created so much lag it makes the game not playable. Just the combat lag and npc lag is enough to ruin combat fun. There is none now. Its all just muffed up too badly. Cannot fight more than one npc due to how they behave with this much lag.

Npcs do not accept staggers, interrupts, knockbacks. They walk through the biggest hits from your characters combos. The lag effect is huge on xbox. Been like this since IoS. FC ignores it, says nothing about it in any way. The proFCers tell xbox players its not as bad as xbox on other platforms. They argue with you and tell you your experience is not important, only pc matters at this point.

Should never have ported from pc. Didnt work. Hasent worked, wont work. Buy our dlc! What a bunch of clowns.:clown_face:

I know when the discussion was hot the community was mostly asking only for utility spells and maybe at most a few offensive spells that really couldn’t be used in combat repeatedly. But it seemed the community was at least in agreement that yes, magic would be a cool and fun addition to the game, but no having mages / people dedicated to a magic combat system would be game breaking / not conan like anymore.

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Yep, but I wouldnt put it past them despite us telling them not to they probably will. just like horses… just like the roll changes…just like the ddoss attacks… just like the undermeshing. and so much more. they go like 2 steps forward and 4 steps back tbh

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hmm well in the fantasy genre Conan in my opinion is winning. The only 3 survival games I enjoy is Valhiem (not enough decor and need more content / love), Conan Exiles (a great game that seems to be slowly abondoned with missing things like introverted pieces), and Craftopia (A game with amazing potential but due to the super slow progress could be ditched and forgotten about in the community).

Top 2 noticable mentions: ARK (game is buggy, old and to much focus on dino’s, more like a breeding game / pokemon then it is survival). No man No Sky: Has lot of potential but the base building in the game is awful and building inside your huge ships just doesn’t work. Something to do with the engine code.

Hoping ARK 2 will be more about you the survivor and less impact on dino play.

All the others: I’m just not interested or it just isn’t that much different.

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Don’t hijack the forum by copy and pasting the same text in different threads


Dont tell them how to make the game, its a nice game, u can like more or less the changes or patchs, but they are doing a good job. Tell them how to fix the glitches

Rework the game its not a bad idea but not about the games mechanics they are nice just about the game fails and work in a proper anti cheat.

Ehh some of the PvP mechanics arent good and need to be redone or overhauled etc

At this point I do not think they have what it takes to make a sequel of this game.
Considering how they handled this game so far, live service issues, patch issues, mod support, server trimming, re-appearing bugs after patches, content issues, unfinished story content, half-§%$& Siptah implementation.
They would need to considerably ramp up staff and quality for a follow-up project. Current state of game shows they are nowhere near that.


Fix one thing, break everything else actions by FC are not new.

Console stability is not near as bad as it was. One thing fixed. The lag from the stability patch has effected every element of play that can be experienced in game.

Fix one thing, break everything else, then ignore it all while trying to sell dlc.

No wonder there is hardly anybody on the xbox section of this forum. Most bug reports start with, " i made this account just to report this bug". Where is everybody? FC is not taken seriously by xbox players anymore.

My dear old grandmother at 84 years old used to say," You s#!+ the bed, now you can lay in it". Its a parable about responsibility. You created the situation so you can deal with it. You own the turd. You take care of it.

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Who says they are abandoning it?.. Oh, gotcha. Its another game is dead/dying thread, the same kind that has been repeatedly been posted since 2017.

Carry on, I guess.