Please fix or disable sand storm

Every time i come to B7 there is sand storm … it is stupid, useless, was is the point to wait it to finish to continue playing???

what? i use to run tru that place, i never had any sandstorm…

As of late people have wonder why there is a Sandstorm every time someone:
-Goes to the desert
-More than 5 people on the desert is every 15 minutes
-Someone logs in the desert

Seriously tho, it’s constantly non stop the past few days. Some are invisible but do damage, some are visible but do no damage, they damage you inside Sinner’s Refuge or inside The Silver Mine. Just another thing that is broken. Us veterans can learn to ignore it quickly, but a new person logging in and getting shredded every 15-20 minutes is ridiculous and will push them out.


I think Funcom mentioned it is a server issue rather then the client. It happens on ps4, every 20 mins.

I have noticed that a sandstorm appears to be triggered each time a player logs onto the server.

I have a hunch that it’s somehow connected to the catch-up time. No idea if that’s true or not, and no idea how you could even test for something like that.

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Again … Please fix or disable sand storm!!!

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