Please fix starmetal bug

Please fix starmetal bug ASP!

in wich way is it bugged? If you was not able to farm it, check the tier of your tool, only hardened steel or better can harvest it. If you reffer to it not having smoke anymore, use the detect resource spell, its very efficient to locate the nodes.


Yep. No smoke so harder to hunt for, which is good. High level tools needed to mine it and to get through shell. Am liking the new style of things.

They actually made it easier to find, but in a completely different way. I do miss the aesthetic of the smoking meteors though. All said, @Xevyr has a mod that’s added the smoke back and also makes sure there’s always meteors around so there’s less of a star metal grind.


100% re the smoke. It was kind of fun spotting it and having to battle your way on over. Of course, they (FC) could always have made it a Deep Impact effect and marginally more randomised touchdown to keep everyone on their toes :slight_smile: #moddersrule

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Hi @Daddybang

We are aware of this issue and currently looking into it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

This is one of those things that get me. The missing smoke was reported, by me, while 3.0 was still on the “public beta”. Modders have checked and already know the issue is a missing file, whether it was removed by accident or on purpose is unknown. This is far from a new issue and has been beat on in this forum a few times.

If it was being looked in to, the cause is obvious, has already been posted what the issue is. If they can’t fix it after being told what the issue is, how am I supposed to have any faith in their ability to fix a bug?

Now if they removed the smoke to give the resource detect spell a use, they failed. I can see a meteor when it renders before the spell can detect it. The only use I have found for that spell is finding those bloodstone rocknoses{?name}.

I, like most players, hunted meteors by their smoke trail. Remove that and you have to start a grind pattern search to find 1. I obelisk in check the snow field between it and my foundry. Grab what I see. And if I don’t see any I transstone home.

I was playing around trying to find blood crystals and the meteors show up pretty brightly with detect resources. I now use that spell a lot while mining the meteors because it’s so handy and save a lot of rummaging time.

No no :stuck_out_tongue: I know that it was removed on purpose, since the relevant code is also missing :joy: what happened is that I said that and people refused to believe it, because they really didn’t want it to be true.

If I had any indication that it’s a bug and it will be fixed, I wouldn’t have bothered adding it to the mod, that being said the reasoning behind it is still pretty unexplained and mysterious and could have been a result of some internal miscommunication so it might one day come back :man_shrugging: we never know.

What I’m curious about though is that OP gave literally no information as to what the “starmetal bug” is, yet Dana knows that they’re aware :alien: That’s like some serious mind-reading capabilities (obviously I’m just joking around :stuck_out_tongue: )

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