Siptah Star Metal issue PC

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 6454
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:
Star Metal meteors dont get smoke and cannot be mined. If I set it on fire get the animation but that’s all.

Bug Reproduction:
No steps, it just happened

Greetings Exile, and welcome to our forums!

Thank you for your report. Could you share a short video with us, to better displays the issue you found?

We appreciate your support!

Mayra, this is an issue on PlayStation as well, possibly all platforms. It’s been like that for probably over a year or more. It’s also on both maps. It makes it especially difficult to find them on Exiled Lands since they can drop all over the designated mountainous terrain, rather than a small flat area like Siptah. See the attached screen (brightened for better visual since it was taken on siptah where it’s a bit darker).

Additionally, they don’t appear to drop at all on Single Player/Co-op. Though this is likely an issue with not being persistently online. There should be an indicator that triggers a meteor shower within a few minutes of arriving in the spawn zone.

Have you tried using the hardened steel pick?

And yes, the meteor smoke was indeed removed some time back. But they still appear in same places and can still be seen closer up. It is a little more challenging, btu you can find them.

That’s not the case on PlayStation. They never smoke. Ever.

Same issue on PC Exiled Lands

Yes. That stopped a while back. Doesn’t mean you cannot see and find them and harvest them.

True, but it’s SIGNIFICANTLY more difficult on Exiled Lands.

Star metal can only be harvested by a tool that is at least Tier 4 or higher. If you attempt to farm with a tool that is lower than T4 (for example Acheronian or Steel), the node will deplete, but you will not get any resources.

These are the current tool tiers:

As for the smoke, that has been deliberately removed in Chapter 2 of Age of Sorcery across all platforms, it is not a bug.

Exactly - and it is certainly ‘findable’ without the smoke - more difficult, but findable.

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