Do not get star metal in inventory when mining

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: #3057 PVE

Bug Description:

when I find the starmetal, the stone doesn’t smoke. I can then blow it up and mine it, but I don’t get any star metal in my inventory. I’ve been playing for over a week and every time I find Starmetal it’s the same problem.

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The no smoke is a very well known bug.
What pick are you using? Apparently only a few will work. like T4s

I don’t know, I use mass gather because it costs few mats to get the job done.

Yes this is a frustrating bug, as DeaconElie says above, the only work around I’ve found with this is to use the Sorcery spell ‘Mass Cull’

If you do not have a star metal pick, make one. If you do not have star metal, dismantle something.

Just ruling out the obvious feature.

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Maybe your settings are in performance mode!

You need tier 4 pick to mine it. Hopefully hardened steel and black ice pick works. But you can also go to the khitan caravan camps and buy a black blood pick from the merchants (best tools of the game) !

If you don’t use the correct pick of pickaxe, this will be always like that, it’s not a bug, it’s the new settings!

Welcome to the forum and the game Exile, happy to have you around :metal:


The non-smoking star metal is unfortunately across all the platforms (even modded maps). It has been bugged in another thread and FC is aware.


You need a pick of at least Tier 4 or higher to mine Star Metal, otherwise you don’t get any in your inventory.


And the smoke was just removed :man_shrugging: (explained it in the other thread)


There are several things here that should be addressed:

  1. Funcom really needs to add a warning message pop-up that says when you are using too low quality of a pick.
  2. If you are using too low quality of a pick, it shouldn’t deplete the meteor, that’s just illogical.
  3. Acheronian Pick should be tier 4 since it is made from Hardened Steel and has a higher harvesting power than the Hardened Steel Pick.

Ever use the wrong screwdriver or wrench on a screw or nut for long enough? The wrong tool for the wrong job can very much deplete what it’s working on…


Ore is not a screw or nut. You cannot destroy ore by using the wrong tool on it.

Even if you mutilate a screw, the metal still exists and could be melted down and reformed as a whole screw.

but you can’t necessarily chop any ore with any tool either and get it into parts.

Precisely why it should not deplete.

so because I use a hatchet on a tree and get wood and don’t get bark it shouldn’t deplete either because bark would be lying around?

some things are just the way they are because there’s a “kinda like this” reason, and the real reason is “you need this tool to get it for the progression to be as designed”.

You can get bark off wood in a carpenter’s bench.

Even if you couldn’t, you are still getting something. Hitting a meteor with the wrong tool doesn’t get you anything, it just depletes the node.

Stop making ridiculous comparisons to try to justify a bad mechanic.

I could say “stop tilting in the wind against a change that was made intentionally and even has a patch note about it”, but I’m not going to. That would be petty of me.

Not being harvestable by a low quality pick is the intention.

That does not necessitate the node being depleted by low-quality picks.

I think you are being willfully obstinate at this point, so I have nothing more to say to you.

:laughing: Hi pot, this is kettle.

Totally agree. I believe that’s a mistake that should be fixed on hotfix grom day one.

About the rest?

I still remember my first minecraft days
I had a stone pick for everything and i was mining my first hours only with stone picks without have any intention to change this cheap logic. When i reached my first gold ores i understand with great disappointment that either i destroyed the gold ores, either i have no gold stones. Ofcurce it was a sad for moment for me but i understood that if want to gain more i had to upgrade my tools…
Sandbox games, they do have the “let down” parts, but knowledge costs. And when something costs expensive then it’s precious :blush:.


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