How to get the Star Metal Mine?I used it for 5 hours

I used it for 5 hours and looked for it in the snowy mountains, but there wasn’t a piece of star metal mine. I think this is a bug.If this is an intentional setting, I think it can be distinguished between pvp mode and pve mode. Because the demand for the Star Metal Mine is very large now.


Same problem on Official Server #1053. There is no star metal nodes at all. Our clan looked for id for many hours and days and there is no star metal nodes after MOAP. Please fix this bug. Of course, we have some star metal in reserve, but it’s not enough and this bug should be fixed.

It’s a known issue on our end, so I can confirm that the devs are aware of it.
From what I’ve seen/heard, it falls without a shell and vanishes a minute or so after impact. I think we have a potential fix for it that will go out with a future patch.


Same problem! I thought I just do not have time to get it! But tonight I was alone for several hours. Meteorites did not fall.

Same here, dedicated server windows, newest version, no mods.
Me and my mates looked for over 12 hours each to find a piece of starmetal, no one found anything even while watching 5 meteor showers.

Please put a hotfix for this fast since it kinda breaks the endgame for us players.

Thank you for feedback! We will wait for the next patch with bugfix

that’s fine, but that’s not the only trouble with it.

On my server no meteor-shower at all, so nothing falling or spawning with or without shell.
I need use command to make a shower occur, and some meteors, as you said, spawn then without shell for that i have seen the last time i tried.
But without command, and i use Pippi mod for that, i don’t have any at all. So shell for me just a partial issue.

Yesterday, running at night I happened to see my first star metal node since the patch. And it had NOT any smoke over it, so I suggest you give a try searching for nodes taking this into account.

Here I paste a link to the image. I also changed the video settings to low and ultra to check if it was the reason of the smoke not showing. But none of the settings maked the smoke appear.

It seems like it doesnt completly spawn without a shell, it looks like the shell breaks on impact as seen in the video i made:

Thanks for fixing this :slight_smile:

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At least you had a meteor shower - that’s something I haven’t seen since the Megapatch and I spent several in-game days in the area.

I saw a lot of showers, most likely like every 3.5 realhours