Please fix the Gladius lunge attack


Please for the love of all that is holy you nerfed the katanadash attack please please please fix the gladius multi lunge attack there should b no way that im able to dodge the initial attack and get completely behind the other person and because they are locked on they can auto spin midlunge and keep stabbing not even pausing or anything

This weapon is not overpowered at all.


Imagine joining the forum just to request a nerf because you couldn’t counter it. :unamused: there’s a reason I play PvE… I’m not good at PvP (and I don’t care to be). This is the first time I’ve seen someone request it to be nerfed. There’s likely a reason for that. It’s fine as it is. Lol…


nope. Pvper here, so please refrain from blaming all of us on this request if done Not OP, so leave as is.


lol, even I’m not gonna make too much of a comment on this one :joy:

For the love of God!! nerf fists already, that 4-5 minimum damage is insane!!!


Whenever the word “nerf” hits the forum, it sends shivers down my spine.
We all know what will happen if funcom sees it :smiling_face_with_tear:


First of all - welcome to the forums.

Second - since you’re new, you may not be familiar with the history of the forums, so the reactions of our users may feel confusing. But the thing is, Funcom has a track record of “fixing” “overpowered” features by making them useless.

Furthermore - the gladius, or shortsword, is one of the few Agility weapons in the game, and it is particularly designed to be effective against single targets. Because it has a narrow attack profile and very limited reach, the gladius is good for only one thing - murdering a single target up close. If you remove that, you may just as well remove the weapon from the game.

Based on your limited description of the issue, I submit that it is not actually a gladius problem, but rather a problem with the target lock in PvP (same with daggers). Without target lock, the gladius wielder is stuck in the attack animation in a manually chosen direction, making him vulnerable to attacks from other directions.

My point here is: first, identify the problem. Then, suggest solutions. Otherwise we may end up suggesting solutions to the wrong problem and end up making matters worse. Seen that happen too many times on these forums, and in life in general.


Seems like some of you took the bait here.

One more dum nerf and I’m gone

If you keep moving in an S shaped way, as opposed to straight moves, as you should, locking the thrust of the short sword is much harder and leaves you completely exposed to a counter blow, something that doesn’t happen with a pike, for instance. Your chances of hitting aren’t higher with the pike, but you’re a mile away if you miss, while with a short sword you’re at the perfect range for the counter blow. I love the gladius, but I would never think of using it for pvp. I use it A LOT on pve though. If definitely doesn’t need a nerf.

Gladius having a tracking lock on is fairly normal i’d say, plus there’s a real easy counter to the repeated thrusts. Simply back away, do a heavy attack from out of its range. This should work for two handed weapons, maces and 1h swords. Maybe even more weapon types.

The attack also leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds unless you spend stamina to roll. That’s your only option to get out of the slow end of attack animation for the shortsword repeated thrust, which means either guaranteed animation downtime or having to spend stamina.

I still don’t understand why this game has target lock.


It’s so you can murder the stupid bloodworms at the bridge event… doh!! :smiley:
Now imagine if we could manually aim downwards as well…

Probably for console users
Target lock sucks though, so its not really a problem

You’re much better off without it

People should use it on occasion, @prologue1337 . On/ acquire/off. Movement and targeting is a bit clunky overall. The weapon play of the game is not polished enough to do away with target lock on certain weapons. The player can take advantage of it, but needs to learn when to use it and when to turn it off.

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I’d prefer if they removed it on pvp.

There’s something I would love to see, @Capt_insano0 . The meta would change overnight.

Maybe a bit less dagger spam. Current meta is running attacks with the great axe. Spear is still used by majority of players as a primary.

Ohhh it would have a much larger impact. Weapons without aoe would become a rarity. This messes with the builds a bit.

For some maybe but I personally don’t use lock on unless I’m feeling lazy with a boss or something