Please fix the way players react with the green boundary

The boundary instant death cut scene is too much. It will trigger the instant death if a body part touches it.
It should drain heath until the player dies or just be a solid none passable wall like in the “early access” version.

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You still died by trying to pass the wall. In EA, the body was placed inside the wall even though the death scene clearly showed you died outside the wall.

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True, but his idea about loosing health instead of insta-die is great.

nah i prefer the cutscene it add a funny look on player face when first time entering.

The current way it works creates issues that are completely unnecessary, as if the game was created in the year 2003.
I lost 40 pounds of rare silk in the dumbest way possible because of the cut scene trying to take a safe secrete short cut to get to the north I found on the edge the map to get to a hidden building spot.
My character slid down the rock at an angle and their left leg went into the green wall that was sticking out of the mountain and then the game instantly went to a cut scene of them choking to death in the middle of a desert.

I accidentally died due to the wall during a sandstorm because it was not visible. I ran kind of far past it before the cutscene kicked in and I died.

When I returned, I was able to loot my body before dying again. The next time I returned, I was able to run through the wall, grab my stuff and go back to safety… This was in testlive right before launch. It’s very inconsistent.

My pinky just baaaarely kinda maaaaaybe touched the wall and I died. Did it just to see what would happen.