Please fix this patch

The stop running animations and idle animations are not good, they make me not want to play, please change them back, no one in the Conan Exiles community asked for this.

False statement. Idle animations have been requested by members of the community.

The run-stop animation is apparently an unwanted side effect, and Funcom is going to fix it.


Hey there,

We’re looking at ways to improve the running stop animation. We’re also fixing the idle sounds by thralls.


Thanks. I really appreciate how quickly you respond to player feedback. It annoys me when some people claim that “Funcom doesn’t listen to their player base” and stuff like that when it’s obvious that you do. (Such behavior can, of course, be easily explained by confirmation bias - “you didn’t add this one really cool idea I had into the game, ergo you never listen to anyone”.)

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I hope the fix is coming soon, because the constant screen shaking is making me physically seasick. I mean this in the most literal sense - after only 5 minutes of playing I was feeling dizzy and nauseous and I had to quit.
It’s a bit better in 3rd person mode, but for someone who is used to 1st person, it’s really inconvenient to have to choose between adapting to a new perspective or suffering from nausea.


Equip a shield or weapon to walk and run even not ideal but seems to work for me till they fix it.

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