Please get rid of locked combat animations they are not good

Left clicks should be quick jabs and right clicks should be long slow heavy damage sweeping attacks all useable while moving. Locked combat animations are soooo bad, they only work in games where the player you are facing gets somewhat locked into the animation as well with the ability to break it or counter. You can’t even hit someone with a light attack running nut to butt chasing them. After you start swinging you cant aim where you are swinging?? In what scenarion ever when you’re swinging a weapon can you not change the trajectory ROFL? Being able to move while you swing makes combat so much more fluid allowing for intuitive active player based skill dodges counter attacks. Players could que their heaviest and try to swoop in for the 4th combo heavies while the other player can read this and try to swoop in for a counter attack. Instead we are stuck jamming unsheath weapon after every first heavy. I’ve dumped hours into Star Wars Jedi Knight academy from the early 2000’s which has some of the most skill based melee of any game ever created. This game has all the potential of that with the existing combat combos but locking us into a style with no movement is just an aweful mechanic.


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