Please, help me solve the mystery of possible in-texture base

So, there is a guy in our server. He constantly raids newb clans when they are offline. He claims that he already wiped serval servers by forcing majority of the players out, and says that he intends to do the same here. The problem is that despite having lots of resourses to make fake buildings, vaults and jars his base is nowhere to be found, he does hot have benches anywhere.

But he has this:

There is only few foundations, but they almost fully sticking inside the tower.

Also he has beds on top of it:

And he spawns on them. Nothing else around.

Weird thing 1: timer on foundations are always refreshing, as if ower was standing on them, but he is not.

Weird thing 2: where he gets things if he spawns in those beds with not even chest around?

Weird thing 3: tower is almost completly building blocked because his structures are near, but he has only those foundations and beds (at least outside)

Weird thing 4: even if he is a dummie who just randomly placed some foundations into the wall and wants to spawn on top of the tower, where he crafts his things? His beds are up there, and bedroll is near his raid towers for treb.

Is it possible that there is more foundations inside the tower and he found some way to live under the texture? That would explain all weird things and also why nobody can find his crafting stations.

It is certainly possible that the sneaky blighter is living inside or under the game mesh somewhere - There have been a number of posts about hackers who have found exploits that enable them to clip though the scenery and get ‘underneath the world’ where they shouldn’t be able to access.

Seems fairly likely that this is what’s happening

I am interested if anyone knows how exacly does he gets in, and if its possible to raid him there.

If it is tower with broken bridge…:wink: D

This tower:

Have any info about it?

So, do you know anything or not?

The Exiled Lands are fairly expansive, and you can have more than one bed (but you can only be linked to one at a time for respawn purposes). While I will not discount your subterranean, beneath the game-mesh theory, perhaps you just haven’t found his real base? I’ve seen a number of YouTube videos of cave bases and other bases that seem like they would be rather difficult to identify unless you knew where to look. My advice would be to keep an eye on the weird structure, but also to keep looking.

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