Please help with toggle sprint binding

Hello, right off I would like to apologize for the long post…

How can I re-bind the Toggle Sprint that is assigned to the Left Thumb Stick push by default Control Presets in the Settings menu of the game?

I can bind another function to the Left Thumb Stick push like “Jump” which is what I want to be assigned on the button but the Toggle Sprint still activates when it is pushed when Jumping. So my character performs the jump and immediately after landing on the ground the character goes into a full sprint and I have to stop moving the character to cancel the sprint and it is very annoying, I have my Sprint Keybound to my Controllers Left Trigger so I don’t need a Toggle for Sprint.

I just want to remove the Toggle Sprint binding but there is no option within the game’s Settings > Keybindings to accomplish this.
I have also tried editing the Defaultinput.ini in Steam > steamApps > common > Conan Exiles > ConanSandbox > Config.

Changed the following:


I even tried deleting the two lines from the .ini file, but the Button press on the Left Stick on the controller still toggles the Sprint. I never had the issue with my Controller until the patch that put in support for consoles was put into the game and I know I could avoid this problem by just using the Keyboard to move my character around but I prefer to use a controller in my Left Hand and my Mouse in my Right Hand in PC games due to the fact that there is an Analog Stick on a Controller that I can use to manipulate my characters movement speed, I can move from a snails pace to sneak around all the way up to a full run and anywhere between that you just dont have when using a Keyboard and the Mouse gives superrior aiming precision.

I Would also like to get rid of the Console Weapon Wheel Menu used for emotes and hot bar slot binds. By default, it is assigned to my Left Bumper on my Controller and I sometimes accidentally bump the button and it brings up weapon wheel that only console players use. This too like the Sprint Toggle has no in-game settings that allow me to change it.

I really wish the Developers at Funcom separated the controls of the PC and Console versions of the game and had two separate versions, one for PC and one for Console instead of generalizing the controls mixing PC and Console together.

I realize this would have taken a little more work but It would have been better for the PC players, I say better for PC players because the combined controls of both PC and Consoles do not affect players on consoles it only affects the PC players experience of the game. Generally speaking, it seems that when Games are made for both PC and Consol platforms sharing the same controls the consoles receive all the benefits while PC users are negatively affected and dumbed down in available controls number and lack personal control customizability.

(This is a personal point of View and I don’t speak for everyone playing on PC) some people will agree with me and others might not and some don’t mind it or are not bothered enough by it to have an opinion on it.

But anyway, can you please give me some assistance? it would greatly be appreciated.
Thank you.