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We should have hairstyle thralls, and should be able to download community creations not only for buildings but also for game modes and other sorts of creative things. we should also have more interactive thralls and they should be able to walk around and talk like people. Also more emotes for us players which I’m sure you guys are already working on but would like to see a kiss emote. I truly think this will help the game for better. it opens opportunities for so many things

We should not only have hairstyle thralls and community created content, but also have new clothing such as tank tops and and more modern looking clothes although it doesn’t really fit with the genre but it would be cool to have a selection of bikinis and nice clothing also add glass windows into the game and more emotes.

  1. Hairstyle Thralls: There are some mods that offer similar features. If Funcom does this as vanilla content, it would be convenient.
  2. What do you mean by “community created content” -> there are mods!
  3. Bad idea… really bad. Modern clothing has no place in this game as vanilla content.
  4. For glass pieces there is a mod called “Glas Konstruktionen und mehr” (There you go: )
  5. For more emotes, there are also some mods which provides new emotes.
  6. Don’t see the part for “best suggestions” :thinking:

Mods arent an answer, as consoles do not have them.

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This is correct, but the OP did not mention that he/she is playing on a console, nor is the thread marked as such.

[edit, because it was merged] This thread is marked as console “PS4”, so mods are no longer a valid argument. But I’m still backing my points 3 and 6.

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I’m a console player and no mods are not an answer sorry this should be added into the game it’s a good idea why do I have to relay on mods

That’s why I’m saying community creations can help this game a lot it would be like downloading mods. More people would actually play the game a heck of a lot more if we could do this think about the endless possibilities for (console) of course Because pc can already do that and I really don’t see the problem in modern clothing tank tops and shorts, bikinis, the game should have this because the clothing gets outdated really fast most of the new clothing are just reskins I want NEW. Also I’m still strongly behind the interactive thralls and hairstyle thralls

absolutely no modern clothing… although i’d like to see styled non armor clothing (tier along with the course fabric clothing) with the DLCs and several non DLC ones… the relic hunter and the black corsair armor is a nice step towards this but so much more would be epic!


Since Sony (you marked the thread as PS4) makes a giant TamTam on “community content” and doesn’t allow external game content to be downloaded, there’s only one way to do that from my perspective. This is the way that Bethesda has taken with this unspeakable “Creation Club”. And THIS way gets an absolute NO from my side. I hope that Funcom will never add such crap as the “Creation Club”.

I’m with @NOGG : Modern Clothing has no place in this game -> immersion, you know?
As a gamedeveloper you should follow a trail for your game or it will get an oddly gameplay.

Sure, some people like it but most don’t.

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Welp I see the disasters from fallout but I also see some greats like gta 5, and fortnite(Cringe) I hope if they do add it that it would be good, also let’s try a story mode for Conan but why not a co op story mode that I can play with friends I can see a future in story mode for Conan and let’s try and add more friendly based towns in Conan.

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