Please make a dab emote

Please make a dabbing emote
I would like to dab in game
I think dabbing is cool
Legalize the dab

Please tell me this is a joke…

Hey there,

Unfortunately, a dab emote does not really fit with Conan, other norwegian folklore or the type of game in general. References to recent culture hypes/subjects make an appearance in FPS games, sometimes simulator games - for obvious reasons: they focus on a more modern or even futuristic world, which comes closer to ours as we know it.

However, through the magic of one-neatly-jumbled-mess-of-a-universe the developers have poured the Exiled lands into, the possibility exists for a clan or a nomad tribe to wander through the lands and have their own, unique and exotic dance, which hints at some ‘long forgotten’ civilization… one of many in the Exiled lands.

Sleep well kids, story time’s up.

Player dab?

Or animal dab?



Did you DevKit that Alex or is it already in one of your mods?

Just troll thing in animations for fun.


Please don’t.

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Welcome to the community, OP!

A dab emote doesn’t exactly fit in with the Conan universe, but we appreciate the suggestion :slight_smile:


I’d accept this if, and only if, it highlighted any player performing said emote in the same way summoning an avatar does - ie turn them into an immediate target for execution in PvP!


omg very good


Sadly, that would leave us PvE players out in the cold. Unless…

Enable a dab-emote to (in PvE) set that player’s character so they are capable of being damaged by other players and their pets/thralls. Mind you, this wouldn’t allow them TO damage others, just to BE damaged. To turn it back off, they would simply use the “Beg” emote. :smiling_imp:

And yes, two PvE players who both “dabbed” would thus be capable of murdering one another (though not harming the others’ thralls, pets, or property).


Yeah I should have specified that, good catch Larathiel.

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or how about immediate LVL 6 purge at all their structures.

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Then (forgive me!) but I’d be dab’ing all day!


Hah, me too! Constant purges until all my “neighbors” who built too close have been reduced to rubble! :laughing:

For me it’d be to experience the Purge at all, currently the meter decays faster than I can build it up. Granted, my playtime is modest but it’s still fairly regular.

Dabbing has no place in any universe, but it doesnt mean it should be in a game, i dont think an emote would ruin immersion or something like that, and emotes are not that profound in the game. I mean, im no modder, but if i knew how to do this kind of stuff, this would be on top of my to do list.

Thank you kind sir. I believe I would have to kill anyone who did it in game out of principle.


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