We need Poop, seriously

I know what you’re thinking. “Wtf”.

But hear me out. We need poop. Even our glorious heroes need to piss and poo, during battle even.

I suggest that devs add two additional bars that indicate poo and piss meter right below health meter (brown and yellow respectively). Once ejected from character, one could create “yellow snow” (piss + ice in alchemy pot) that the devs often warn us about, and maybe “poopsicles” (poop + ice in alchemy pot), can be used as taunt missiles. Against people and buildings both! Of course the effects would be temporary. I would love to throw yellow snow or poopsicle at Conan the Barbarian myself, just for fun. For household use they might be last resort food/drink items that also poison you. I’m pretty sure those potted plants will gobble them up though.

Anyway, just my two cents.


It would just be seen as childish or juvenile by most.

As far as the rest? A needless micromanagement to have to deal with.

The fact you could use it against other players just hearkens back to those idiots that used to T-bag their kills in other online games. So that is what you saw with the kill screen.


Thanks for your opinion!

Sorry if it sounds grim. But too much realism wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing.

We’d get to a point where it becomes The Sims 5: Exiles.


We don’t need poop. USA Consoles can’t even get full nudity. No to your poop idea.

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I’m not sure if I’d take the game seriously after this addition, but some type of an emote could work. Sounds like this would work better as an emote, that is. To keep it simple. :thinking:

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I like that you want more realism to a survival game, but this is the exiled lands, not San Francisco.


ROFL!!! :joy:


Survive in the Exiled Lands with your Sim!
Delve deep into the Unknown!
Build your own medieval or primal dwelling!
Capture and enslave your enemies!

Fine Print
You just have to keep them fed(every five minutes), watered(every five minutes), entertained(every two minutes because they are Exiles and all have ADHD), run behind trees regularly to fertilize the landscape(every three minutes because you suck at cooking and gave yourself food poisoning), get them a worthwhile career (mercenary, dancer, priest, explorer, hooker(wait, said dancer already), hyena-bait, bandit-bait, crocodile-bait, cook), which you must do every seven minutes or get fired.


I would definately sneak onto peoples houses and pee on it.

The loading screen tips even say “Dont eat yellow snow” so if you could mix ice and yellow… And make it as food for taming thralls in the wheel of pain…

Animals already poop in in Animal Pen. Poop is already in the game. And decapitated heads… and ichor… and big giant scarey 20 foot long snakes that emerge from the sand… and 40 foot long spiders… and tons of other ichy stuff.

Being able to pee on your enemy while they are on the 10 second respawn timer would be hilarious.

This is not ark kid

They are slaves before they are thralls… Im sure killing innocent people in this game is much worse than pee snowcones.

A poop and pee emote would be perfect!

You are so right with that remark.

Decapitated heads. Not juvenile.
Ichor is just slime and blood. Always has been.

Icky stuff isn’t the issue.

Wanting to pee on people is about as immature as it gets. Not exactly an image the devs want for their game.


Dont be bad at pvp and die and then you wont get teabagged! Playing on a pvp server is hard, I understand.

You are wrong peeing on their opponent is EXACTLY what Conan would do.

No offence, but this isn’t Ark survival evolved :joy::joy::joy:

I take it that there are cultural differences and we all respect them, at least to a degree. When it comes to teabagging, based on my experience, it’s more likely used to provoke others to make mistakes the next round they respawn. It necessarily doesn’t have almost anything to do with being bad at PvP. :thinking:

If there was an emote for it, would you use it to show the defeated that they played badly?

I’m not sure if he would. I guess it depends on the situation when it comes to survival. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’d say that if he did want to show how bad the other one is, Conan might signal them their errors by the edge of his blade (easier way). In a desperate enough situation, I think he could try to save urine up and not waste it or even eat his arm or a leg.

I wouldn’t call that a cultural thing. It’s more the combination of being able to hide behind a tv or computer screen and being a teenager. Both of which promote juvenile actions and a puffed up sense of bravado becaues nobody can reach through the screen and hit them for it.