Urination & Defecation

I love the micro management of this game. I eat, I drink, my pets make dung after they eat and yet… I am unable to pee in the snow. When you load into a server you see a message to not eat yellow snow, when can I make yellow snow?


I too would like to see this sort of feature in game and also the ability to build and use toilets. Maybe even the ability to defecate on slain enemies as well.

Yeah, someone was asking for this before specifically so that he could pee on people he killed. That’s the kind of thing we don’t need.

I’ll admit that writing your name in the snow is a far less pathetic and stupid reason for it in comparison. Although, that’s not really saying much considering how low that bar is.


Gonna give this one a hard NOPE!


We have a feeling this kind of content would piss a lot of people off, shat-tering all their hopes for a clean gameplay environment.


I think our character defect prudge whenever we login in a way

Maybe make specific spots for urination? :laughing:

I have a great spot, any where but in CE.


Call me semantic, but that isn’t a good advise. :laughing:


So you’re poo-pooing the idea, consigning it to the midden-heap of the suggestions forum, sure in the absence of urine?

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Suppose the question would be if we end up with pee and poop mechanics in this game, would we be able to get dysentery as a status effect from raw/uncooked food and contaminated wells? (And would the Mitra Wells be self purifying so that we can have an uncontaminated source of water should someone seek to contaminate our well by taking a dump in it.)


No thanks, already to many kids playing boxing people in and blocking… i really don’t wanna add “poop on my lawn” to list.

If you need those kinds of “features” you can always play Scum.

It was annoying enough in ARK: Survival Evolved, don’t really want it in Conan Exiles, it’s such an unnecessary and irritating feature that serves little to no purpose.

Though now that I think of it it would be neat to be able to poison a persons well by dropping crap in it… (Or an animal carcass or some actual poison.) And if we really wanted to be super stupid about it, we’d be able to use poop as a throw-able item, just like monkeys. (Or as an upgrade item that lets us add poison damage to our palisades. Though that might be getting a bit too real)

Then again I could also see trolls using this as a variation of “T-bagging” So I could live without it.

A feature such as this might need to be specifically restricted to certain moments of reaction or objects, in order to keep it… well, decent in a way.

Poisoning a well is a good example. Perhaps a viable tactic in some situations.

You could probably do the poison a well thing with the Rotten/Putrid Meat, rather than design a new animal carcass item for it. Give the meat another purpose.

Other than that, no, it’s just an idea with too much crap involved.

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We can’t get full nudity for USA consoles. We don’t need pee and poop. Ark has it. I hate ark pooping dinos. We don’t need more sever lags.

We aren’t able to drag anything unless we tie it down like unconscious npcs, right? The carcasses of the other animals could be coded for this unless we harvest them. I’d rather throw a carcass into the well than dung, but rotten meat is okay too.


Could provide an interesting mechanic if we could drag anything willing or otherwise unresisting behind us without the rope. Having us use both hands on that, our backs toward the go-to direction and cut our movement speed by 2/3rds would be a nice balance variables.

But we only play a woman because she’s got a nicer butt to watch than a man. :grinning: