Dune survival game... pants pooping status?

did i read this article right?

lol its like scum but your forced to poo lol dang I really want this game now

Now that is some fine clickbait.

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Im hyped because there is a lot of melee combat in the movie which means the combat system most likeley wont be just a braindead shooter survival game. Also funcom is generally good with lore and world building. Conan Exiles have for sure given them enough experience to pull this off

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Then you will die of thirst!


Think of your poo as a waterskin you don’t need to collect in the beginning… :barf:

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One of my major turns off of Ark.

On default… amount of times your human poots, and amount animals do is insane… I can find a fart funny. But every 5-10mins, somewhere in your base is a “Toot!” Sound got old after 5mins.


Not sure what the actual game mechanics of the digestive system needs to be. Assuming that player characters wear stillsuits while in the desert, the suit circulates bodily fluids automatically. “Pooping in your pants” is part of the lore, in the sense that while outdoors, you don’t remove your suit, ever, unless you intend to die a quick and painful death by environment.

Keeping oneself hydrated should probably be an essential aspect in a survival game of the Dune theme. More so than knife fights and sandworm riding. From that perspective (and especially with Fremen), careless in-game urinating could lead into problems. Whether that can be translated into meaningful game mechanics, or whether something like that is even planned, remains to be seen.

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Wearing a stillsuit, the grimace would be the only indicator. In the original movie when Stilgar “barks”, what do you think he’s doing?

Seriously tho, I highly doubt there is a fully embellished pooping and peeing mechanic in the game. Just a hunch.

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Yeah, I’m honestly interested in a Dune game, but the whole pooping in a game is kinda odd imo.

I mean I’ve played Ark, and it seemed a totally unnecessary mechanic, not to mention that you don’t seem to get much warning about it, so you just pooped wherever you were, wherever you were standing, whether you were at home , or outside roaming, it got ridiculous.

i mean when I signed up for a survival game, it didn’t mean I wanted to clear up poop every 5 minutes.

They should have brought in Rockstar to coach them on mounts for Conan Exiles. :expressionless:

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I seriously doubt FC will implement it this way… KeepDuneClassy:tm:

Monetize the hell out of six increasingly hard to earn currencies and slowly kill your own game as the community turns against itself and them? Nah, I think rockstar should stay very, very far away from this game.

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Lol, nah… not that part. Just the horses. Say what you will about their ethics, Red Dead’s horse system is amazing

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what human poops every 5 minutes?

A very sick one?

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I have never played Red Dead, so I don’t know how good their horses are, but the best horse mechanics I’ve seen are in Mount&Blade.

I can only speak for the horses in Red Dead Online but they look worlds better than Conan’s, and they definitely handle better when they decide to cooperate, but they can be downright infuriating. Even when I’m fully bonded, way too often I’ve had my horse freak out and throw me off if it got within a mile of a cougar, decide that nope, it’s gonna turn the opposite way that I wanna go, or just tell me it needs to be brushed again literally right after I’ve already brushed it three times in a row. I get that they were going for ~rEaLiSm~ by making them so skittish and uncooperative, but holy hell guys it’s a video game, not real life, and having to deal with the headache associated with just getting from Point A to Point B without getting thrown off and mauled by something is a huge part of why I haven’t touched the game in over a month.

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Lol … yeah, they’re annoying when finicky like that, but the handling mechanics are far better than Conan. Miles ahead in fact! Whoever designed mount handling in Conan had no idea what they were doing. It’s not intuitive at all. Why on earth does it handle so much different than the character handling? I get trying to compensate for a mounted battle system, but it just doesn’t feel natural. At all. It’s been my biggest issue with the introduction of mounts.

I played Dune and Dune II by Westwood. Dune II took 4 months to beat, once I figured out two turrets could not be destroyed. Then all my friends beat in in an hour.
They were fun games in the dawn of the gaming world.

Spice Wars sounds like star wars with ■■■■■■ ← the blue happy pill

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