Suggestion: We need more poop!

Separate pet taming and pooping into different server settings and decrease the time by default it takes animals to poop in an animal pen.

On official servers, it takes forever and two days to get any sort of useful amount of poop from animals in an animal pen. Mainly pointing out the ability to get gold and silver from rocknose variants. I’ve been playing on an official server for a while on ps4 and I’ve got 6 animal pens, 4 with goldvein rocknose and 2 with silver. I put 15k stone in each like a month ago and they just poop way too slow. Since the changes for healing items, we need more alchemical base more than ever before and the time it takes for rocknoses to poop with official settings is just retarted (sorry for my english) or to be more sensitive, poopily challenged lol.

Separate the 2 settings and make it a little more viable to get moar poop with animal pens.

Another reason to do this, I also rent a server. I want this mechanic to be a more viable option for players to obtain more poop from animal pens so I change the settings. I set it at 0.1 and pooping still takes a pretty long time at such a low setting. 5 goldvein rocknose take approximatly 2 hours for 60 goldstone at a setting of 0.1. That is still a long time and I don’t exactly want pets to tame so quickly as it does at 0.1 just to get more poop but I would like them to poop faster so I’ll reduce the pet crafting in half to 0.05. I’d prefer not to have pets tame so quick but the values to tame and to poop are tied together and I really don’t have an option if I want them to poop faster.

Separating values for taming and pooping would help official servers in more ways than one also. In order to get more gold from poop, you have to set up numerous animal pens taking up a whole lot of space. People won’t feel like they have to build so many taking up more room than is needed.

Please, we need moar poop! thanks

8 large animal pens in an official server to generate a 10 minutes farming every single day.

Now imagine the server performance if they were rizing the poop that you wish and every single player had the same silly idea like yours to do the same… Just imagine.

I won’t mention footprint, just performance…

Fellow exile, official servers are not your garden, they exist for all the costumers of the game.
So make your self a favor and dismantle all these pens before an admin will dismantle everything you have…

If you wish faster poo, private servers exist, end of discussion!


Why u need so much poo?

I’m the kind of player that lives in a small base and I only use 1 large pen for dung. Would be nice if greater beasts can produce more dung for my grey lotus farm.

Mainly for alchemical base production helps also for potent compost production… Put a gold or silvervein rocknose in an animal pen and you get goldstone, silverstone and ironstone that’s what they poop… U need an ton of alchemical base for armor and healing items. and on official servers, it would help a lot.

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Zoos are completely inefficient.
Farm what you want. It’s much faster.


u can get a really good amount of gold by harvesting obsidian nodes and the goldnoses that lurk @volcano.

also to make potent compost just blood and ash will do the trick…

who the heck uses poo?

do not make ur chores the hard way

edit u can chop humans and put their human flesh in a press and they will turn to blood.
ash and gold is gathered together … i leave volcano area with over 300 ore in my pockets


If you really want quick and easy alch base the T3 bearers still drop this often. 1 run to all camps will net you between 1500-5k if you’re lucky. Plus you can bring along a thrall or tame for exp, farm hides, etc… Killing multiple birds with 1 stone so to speak.

Additionally as others have suggested you can yeild gold stone easily on Exiles now via the volcano. Just make sure you’re in a good harvesting spec. There’s 4 gold rocknoses there that give a lot of gold.

Passive poop farming gold vein rocknoses is an outdated and inefficient method that does impact official servers, so I agree with the others.


Yup, they are. And I do farm what I need since they are highly ineffficient, that is exactly the reason why I was making this suggestion. You are agreeing with me without agreeing with me :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just a suggestion. Some people will agree, some will disagree and some will be walking a fence. I do think most everyone can agree that the system feels a little outdated and it couldn’t hurt for a little adjustment here or there.

I would like to see 2 customizable sliders for server settings regarding animal pens. 1 for taming and another for pooping.

With harvesting oils and black blood pick you can leave volcano with 2k gold ores in an hour. Not that star metal, or obsidian pick are not so good but not like black blood. In the post that people protest about the legendaries non repairable, THIS must be a good reason to complain, but if nobody uses this option then why devs not to remove it? Whats 8 fragments in front of 2k gold ores in an hour? For silver and ichor there’s no discussion, it’s humiliating easy without oils.

Den is your destination!

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lol Just watched wak’s new video talking about the age of war crafting times for thralls and pets released today. Pets will be tamed in 30 minutes instead of 6 hours. Maybe that will speed things up a bit. I may have to reevaluate my suggestion once the update comes to consoles. I guess Funcom thought this system was a bit outdated also and changed it already :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a perfectly reasonable idea. That way private servers, single-player, and co-op games will be able to customize this without changing the behavior on official servers.

The reason I believe it’s important to leave this as it is on official servers is that this kind of resource production encourages people to spam resource farms. We’ve already seen it happen with fish traps: some people would have modest little fishery builds, but a lot of players would spam fish traps excessively, especially after Funcom made it impossible to put them in big wells.

When this spam became enough of a problem for official servers, Funcom changed fish traps so they needed bait. More importantly, they made it a hassle to get the most desired resource yield from those traps.

At first, players resisted change and spammed compost heaps, but nowadays people realize that it’s too much of a hassle for resources that can be obtained more easily in different ways (namely oil and ichor), so fish trap spam isn’t a problem anymore.

Now think about the unintended consequences of increasing the “poop rate” on official servers. I occasionally see people spamming large animal pens on top of each other to create their resource farms, but it’s not exceedingly common. Most people don’t bother. If they made the yield higher, the official PVE and PVE-C servers would become absolutely choked with these resource farms. We would wind up with two kinds of popular threads here on the forums: one kind complaining about how the server is unplayable because of the farms, the other complaining about how they got unfairly banned by Evil Funcom.

In the end, your proposal for separate sliders is the ideal solution.

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I wasn’t disagreeing. Just commenting as things stand now. You presented a nice solution for SP mode and, eventually, pvt servers running on good harware. I don’t want to see zoos on officials. They are server freezers.


What hasn’t been changed is this…

One day another player will report you and you’ll face a wipe my dear friend. I am not warning you, i am begging you to understand the situation. It’s on your hands now, your decision, mea culpa.

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Glass bottom boat rides

A poop slider… I mean… my vote is to just add coffee and cigarettes to the game. Always works for me.




Great, now I have an image of a slider made with poop…


or just have a Taco Bell in sep city thay sells bean burritos!

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Poop on a Hawaiin bun:)