Please Make Alcohol Useful Again 🥃

I only even found it this was a thing by looking at the wiki. And I STILL forget because it is NOT intuitive.

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It’s as intuitive as drinking the water from a sewer, and about as healthy.

This one understands that survival games pride themselves on being opaque to the point of being obtuse, but there comes a point when that turns into, not just counter intuitive, but counter reality absurdism.
The point at which a Baker, Blacksmith, and Bushcraft instructor would come together to note exactly how incorrect a thing is. That’s where this is, a punishment for player knowledge of how to actually make the object in question. It’s right up there with water from the dregs being refreshing while raw oysters are poisonous. Because drinking out of a septic tank is rewarded, while eating oysters in the most common way they are served is punished.


I role play with my kitchen! I always use branches only in my stove and when i have a kiln furnace i place one in the kitchen just to fix bread. I again use only branches to warm up my furnace :laughing:.


Dried wood.
Dried wood imparts the smoky sweet flavour that BBQ craves.
Possibly with a little bark thrown in.

The Charcoal Briquette kiln is such an amusing thing
This one can’t sear a steak over charcoal.
This is tragic.
Such tragedy.
A deep fried southern heart breaks from the despair event horizon.

Now this one craves a steak, and the butcher doesn’t open for 8 hours…

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We have still rustic ovens here in my island. Old ladies know how to handle them only. They use dried olive tree branches to heat the furnace and they fix bread. After they finish with bread they put a huge pan inside with lamb and beans and they seal the furnace to let it cooked the whole night. I cannot describe the taste this plate has. The other day you can eat even the bones (dont :rofl:) they are soft as the meat.
There’s a reason we use to go to villages to eat every Sunday.
Even simple beans cooked this way have honey taste.

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Age of Gastronomy Chapter 1 here we go!

…in my dreams. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Age of Civilization, ancient and wicked.
Age of Decadence.

Rework of the Food and Drink system.
Expansion of the auto harvest system introduced with Golems
Settlement system that revises the concept behind the thrall pot, possibly expanding it to include religious buffs through the compound.

Battle Pass/Bazaar offerings could run the gamut of Temple themed attire (Follower, Priest, and Religious Guards), more professional wear along the lines of the Blacksmith and Chef outfits, to include more workstation skins (hopefully ones that function at a better level than the current basic only ones), Noble and Peasant attire for under represented cultures such as Vendyhans, Kothians, and Zamora.
If not a Vendyhan or Zamoran build set, then expansion packs along those lines.
Long list of domestic item placeables.
Perhaps we can finally use the Barber Feat and get some grooming for our property people.

Of course, far too much to ask, but it could easily be an entire Age filled out easy.


That’s a different game. A sort of post-apocalyptic ancient Rome, turn-based tactical RPG. Short, but with quite a lot of replayability.

It’s been a long time since I last played it, so I don’t remember if food or alcohol was very useful in it.

As for Conan Exiles, it’s sad that there’s a huge variety of foods in the game, the vast majority of which fall under “not worth the trouble” and the rest under “recipe not available on Siptah unless RNG lottery favors you”. End result, I eat whatever my dead enemies drop, and my thralls eat whichever animal I butchered on my way to the enemy.

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To be entirely fair, grilled steak is probably the only food one should feed their thralls until they are 20th level.

Which is sorta a problem

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I’d argue that gruel is.
Guess it depends on the player/playstyle.

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Gruel gives decent healing, but it’s level bonus is Strength…
Which isn’t Vitality.

This one finds property people extremely fragile of late, and with their damage nerfs, focusing on strength or agility seems Quixotic.
They are useful for applying status problems like Bleed/Poison/Gouge/Sunder, but this one no longer finds them to be utile damage dealers.
Coupled with no limited to stun locking, and this one tends to prioritize HP over all else.

Except Darfari, they hit like a Rockslide, but they are extreme glass cannons at early levels.

Of course playstyle will vary, that is very natural, and you are absolutely correct.
This one isn’t pontificating to change anyone’s preferences, but in case someone new or returning peeks at the thread, this one prefers to offer the long form supports.

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I personally don’t desire the vitality from steak.
I prefer the boost to strength because my build focuses around boosting their damage as much as possible. I can still get 4k+ hp on a thugra without steak and 5k+ on dalinsias without steak (using rebirth potions).

I have yet to lose a thrall to vanilla content since age of sorcery started.

Playstyle/person will often determine what preferred leveling food is.

I fully recognize though this isn’t everyone’s experience and a desire for more hp on thralls is prevalent especially since age of war start. Things I kill easily without my thralls dipping even below half can kill another player’s thrall who may play/approach the fight differently.

For my particular play style, thralls are in an even better place than age of sorcery.


I feed them steaks too, like @LostBrythunian but mostly because i role play. I have fed them so many years with gruel that even i got sick of it :rofl:.
But i wish fishes, not necessarily buff fishes, would give better benefits from stakes. It’s way more healthy food in real life than steaks and they should be more beneficial to thralls too.
Then again lobsters, shrimps and some wine in base should gave them a comforting boost and eventually some points in their attributes! Not too many to become unfair for pvp, just some to be rewarding for the player that treats them “correctly”.


Useful or not, I would LOVE new recipes for both, food and drinks.

Also, would love different food storage, not necessarily based on ice.
For example it would be nice to have one based on salt.

Finally, some free “food decorations” would be nice.
It would be ok to have paid ones if prices weren’t ridiculously high.

PS: I would add a special feature for cimmerian berserkers that gain something like +25% damage if they drink alchol (and maybe +40% if it’s mead).

Exactly, strength means your thrall kills things faster, and the decent healing means they stay up longer. Vitality means…the fight takes longer than it aught to. So why would you go with steak? It just doesn’t make sense.

One should always be the center of attention and divert the gaze of the opposition away from their “property”. Though good armor also helps. :rofl:

Right, because you are feeding them steaks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now, what is the best food to level your thrall? Whatever you feel like feeding them. :grin:

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Tell this one you haven’t used thralls since the Age of War nerf without telling this one you haven’t used thralls since the Age of War nerf.

Yes, pump them full of desert style chili.
Very beneficial. Perhaps if there was a gaseous expulsion emote…

But that’s the rub of Role Playing Games.
It’s a game, but it’s also acting.
If it’s very beneficial to one’s immersion to engage in statistical trap choices, then more power to them.

A few points of Strength won’t make much of a difference when the thrall stands around like an idiot, tries to punch the Red Mother, or keeps using the two-handed sword’s overhead chop attack against a small, moving target and missing.

The way I play, my thrall is the anvil, and I am the hammer. The thrall is just dumb as a box of hammers. I just took a new fighter thrall on a stroll, and basic skeletons were doing full combos against him and pretty much stunlocking the idiot, who only got a few strikes back before getting tired of swinging a sword and gave the turn back to the skeleton. I’m sure the thrall would’ve won eventually, as the skeleton wasn’t doing much damage, but I would’ve died of starvation (or boredom) while watching.

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I most certainly have! My Captain’s Bodyguard Undina was an absolute MONSTER! (found the legendary sword with agility right before I got her so that certainly helped lol).

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Neither will the few points of vitality. NOTHING will trump funcom coding!!!

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Vitality makes it more forgiving to take damage…
What do Thralls excel at? Getting hit by everything and taking damage.

Legendary Weapons are OP enough for Thralls to deal a lot of damage though.

Getting in the way and not following orders?