Please make Legendarys Legendary!

Now, i would call myself a seasoned Exile, closing in on 1k hours of game time, and i am wery pleased with where the game are going at the moment, sucessful patches and content is great, and so i look forward to the future in the exiles land.

One thing that allways have bothered me though is how all weapons and armor/items look the same, both in inventory and equipped, why is it so?
(i know they differ a bit in appearence but theres not enough to notice really)

Couldnt you at least make the icons differ from the rest?

The Epic items are blue? i cant even see if they are epic, and have to check the specs to make sure.

The legendarys you have to learn the names or else you might put them in the dismantlin bench, is that the idea?

Also, i am a item/Thrall hunter, and love the new bosses and loot, but hell, when something good drops i cant even se if its a legendary, why not make it shine bright yellow og what ever really as long as i get the feel that its indeed something special i have after a long and hard fight?

Point beiing, all epic and legendary recipies and items must differ from the rest, both in benches, chests and on shotcutbar.
The unique/t4 thralls should also differ both in clothes and appearence, everyone that comes to visit, and all us builders use the best ones, and when you have racked up 10 furnaces you need to see where you have those bad assed t4 smelters right away.

Make it happen, make it even more cool to be a itemhunter.

By the way, i have things to do now at 60, and i must say its refreshing, thanks for the good work Funcom.


I can agree with this. Just yesterday i had an armorer, thought maybe hes was from a purge, but coukdnt tell. Lol

Yes, my point exactly, it is no apparent difference between them, i think you should know by looking at them both who they are and what they do.

It`s the same with items, at least make the icons differ in color so we can actually see what we loot.
Yesterday i looted a normal longsword from a boss, yea, i had to check the name and specs on it before i trew it away, was sure it was some legendary, but no dice.

Like i said, it will be someone unlucky enough to toss a legendary item in to the dismanteling bench.

They already have the ability to change the clothes with dyes. I’ve seen some thralls with their outfits dyed slightly differently to how the default set looks. They could just make unique thralls’ outfits dyed in a way that stands out more.

This might be somewhat less important than the subject of legendary items however, especially now that unique thralls have a fancy new health bar (an excellent change).

I too have worried about accidentally throwing a legendary into the dismantling bench. Now I sort them separately in my inventory so I always know which items to avoid dismantling.

What i really dont get is why the coloring aura arround the epic and legendary items are not stronger, i mean why not?

Both in shortcut bar and in inventory its hard to tell what is what.

Also in armorers bench or in the blacksmith, same thing, you have to read, and you cant check the specs before you make the item…
The new and improved sorting is great, now just turn up the coloring so we all know what we make, and also make a proper text explenation on the various items so we actually know what to spend feats on or produce.

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