Please make stray animals return home

I’m not worried about my animals. I am talking about how somebody can leave a horse near your base, leave the server, and you can’t build there now. There is a horse literally in an area I intended to build on. I would be happy to wait a week for it to decay, but for some reason, animals and thralls don’t actually decay. A base decayed next to ours, 4 months ago, and the thralls are still there. Why? Why is there not a reasonable timer on them?

But then, what if somebody were to just place thralls near your base, and keep going past to reset decay timers?

So here is a suggestion. If a thrall is away from it’s base, it automatically returns at least once every 24 hours. Now, which base? You designate it with a flag. The thrall returns to that flag. You get one. It decays like a torch. Place it in the world, away from your base, it’s gone in an hour. If you have no flag, the thralls decay without the chance to reset the timer, until you place a flag. Once you place the flag, the thralls and animals return there within 24 hours.

Something needs to be done. This is beyond frustrating. I’m getting to the point that I am starting to think Conan would be better in single player. I would prefer to play with other people, but there are just too many things causing frustration, associated with servers settings, and other players.

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actually they do, however if owner left it on guard that makes it pet/thrall designated spot it returns to, ie. flag you wrote about

but yes abandoned stuff should go away, it’s also a reason to play on private servers they’re often better maintained by admins

The reason a lot of people don’t play on private servers is that it can often cost a lot of money. If only a few people are willing to pay, you end up paying a fair amount for that server. At the same time, there is no guarantee that you won’t log in one day to find the server, and all your stuff, just gone.

We had a 40 player server with bells and whistles, it was $25.

At reset all stray followers return home. Our Sabertooths wander around the place, and dont come home until reset sometimes.
They are alley cats

Right now i play on a pve server. If you place anything, without foundation, away from your base, it decays really fast. So they could do the same to the thralls too. Players must be responsible for their followers and if they are not they should pay the prize. Plus i believe that feed boxes don’t actually work. Every day i have a 10 min run to fill my feed boxes for my thralls. However i pass from places with abandoned thralls, without feed boxes and the thralls are still there. So if the feed boxes were crucial for your thralls survival, then everyone would feel presed. Plus it would be a nice lesson to have a message that your thrall died from starvation. I have nothing against the poor thralls, not at all, but i believe that since this game extracts so nice messages like recycle and knowledge is the true power, the lesson of responsibility would be nice to be added too.

If someone just leaves a horse next to your base you can kill it with spikes or bait an enemy near it

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