Please post updated announcements?

so many people starting threads to let you know that we are unable to log in and play the game… yet there are no posts from the devs about being aware of the issue or when the issue might be corrected? is it an area outage or a server online issue? some say they can get in to the game and others still can’t. Some info from Funcom would be soooo helpful Unless I’m just not seeing it in the announcement feed or is there some other place you post this info???


We have to beg them to do just the basics of their job. :rage: the bare minimum is too much :rage:

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:rage: Why are you not working on Sunday evening funcom :rage: I’m just asking for the bare minimum :rage:

Also : just click on try to reconnect in the game and eventually it will let you in. At least it worked for me

The problem isn’t with Funcom, it’s with Microsoft. It’s their authentification service that many games uses that is having these issues.

Crazy that funcom launched a full frontal assault on Microsoft, storming their offices and destroyed their server room under heavy artillery fire. They took age of war too literally in their latest plot to destroy their own game.


Out of curiosity, what was the last time you have attempted? I ask this because, like you I was unable to connect earlier today yet I have been able to recently. The problem may already be corrected as the server I play on was full and I had to wait in a queue to get in.

What makes you think that exactly? I am curious about this. I know for a fact that people who play via Nvidia GeForce Now (the ones that I personally know who play via that method, I do not speak for all players who play via that method) have not been able to connect since the Age of War update launched let alone today. I do not think this has anything to do with Microsoft but I would like to see what makes you believe that this is their end since XBOX can connect (you know, the console owned by Microsoft).

Xbox and PlayFab are separate branches of Microsoft. An outage of one doesn’t inherently mean an outage of the other.

A sticky with Known Issues would be much appreciated.

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That may be so, but considering that all they said was “it’s microsofts fault” with no explanation, why should I assume that they know the difference?

I posted the original post 10 hours ago. it’s nearly midnight now my time, 10 hours later! and still can not get into the game. I"ve restarted Steam, I’ve validated files multiple times… I’ve clicked and clicked and clicked. yet still NO CONNECTION and can only play offline with not challenges… so I can not do any of my battlepass this Sunday that I just bought. And still don’t see any posts from conan team on something I can do to be able to log in and be online yet. oh well…

Yes, even though it’s weekend (Midsummer weekend, which is at least somewhat special in the Nordic countries), one might imagine that a company of Funcom’s size would have someone online to keep an eye out for major issues such as the authentication services going down.

Whatever the reason for the problem, it would have been welcome if Funcom had come out and said that they’re aware of the issue and are investigating it. I don’t expect them to fix it with a snap of their fingers, but anyone could have made that one simple post. If one was made, I missed it even though I checked Steam, Discord and these forums.

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