Please stop already, it is getting to much

I am getting really tired of the same template being applied with every update. You Guys introduce a ne dungeon with a handful of new recipes and… of course a new resource that I need to craft those new recipes, every single time! I mean, I get it, you want people to play your new content, but sorry, that’s like force feeding a goose.
I have chests full of fragments of power, powder of corruption, scales of dagon, black blood, ebony silk, armor scraps, heart of heroes and so on. And I am not even going into the options on myself with potions, warpaints, poison, oils, food buffs.
It is just getting too much un my humble opinion, it isn’t diversity for different playstyles, but a sloppy mess!


I’m going to have to strongly disagree with you here.


You both share an opinion.

  • I don’t consider it a fact as I would like more stuff.

The other question is: Should you even invest time and farm it? Because maybe in 1 patch, many things will be changed again…

Thats my biggest fear. I dont want to waste countless hours for Annihilator/Worldbreaker 2.0, which are worse than most other legendaries from the same category and are way easier to get.


i do not…
why farm scraps when i never wear a heavy armour ( and yes i so rarely use a thrall to help me that makes no difference!) i find my thralls performing great in the old fashioned cimmerian warrior armour!!!
And yes i am a pve player so idc… i have not farmed the black blood tools either… i do just fine with the normal obsidian / star metal ones… why put effort in something that is too boring (like when the child of gil will remember to drop the tool i want?) … when at the same time of harvesting the tools i will have harvest enough star metal for a decade?

@ OP explore the alternatives and if ur ok with this do not farm like crazy! it takes away for the game, it does not add…

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I have little bit different oppinion
About DLC related gears, It is okay to be texture change otherwise it may become pay 2 win. This game is online game. Still it has to be significantly improved in aesthetic points than vanilla. Because we pay for that.
But gears from new patches, I think it must be different in utillity or power. If they are different in functions, it is ok to new gears require new resources.

Making no significant difference in gameplay will make this game like republishing old book with a new cover. Just like classics we don’t read by our own(don’t lie that you like to read classics😂).

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Are you saying it’s like taking the story of Who Goes There, turning it into a movie called The Thing and then remaking that movie a few more times?

I’m just glad they added a gold bikini.

As for adding stuff… it’d be ok if it weren’t all just horizontal progression.

One theme per tier is quite charming.

I don’t know about that movie, but yes both situations are same.

It’s also pretty irrelevant for PvP.

In good PvP (not talking about the trash official glitch-fest PvP servers) you have frequent wipes. Nobody cares about grinding materials or weapons/armor/whatever in the dungeons, since it’s all gone with the next wipe unless they are high value (worldbreaker, legendary armor). But even those items are not really worth it, because they barely provide an advantage. You can also lose your stuff so quickly resulting in ■■■■■■■■ up your PvP builds.

I can kind of see what you’re saying, but I think it goes against the very concept of new material and dungeons to not require you to go there to enjoy it. It’s an oxymoron. You could just not participate in the new content ( free content) and not be affected at all.

Other than the bugs and glitches that come with it…

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The destination is just one part of the journey. We could just rush the game, grab the Keystone pieces and be done with it - but most of us choose not to. We keep playing because we enjoy the content.

Dungeons are the same, in a smaller context. If their whole point was to get a new shiny weapon or piece of equipment, that piece of gear could just have been added into regular Legendary chests. A lot easier to add into the game.

But the dungeons themselves have a purpose. They’re there for us to enjoy, a way to challenge ourselves repeatedly. One challenge Funcom recently said they’re thinking about is giving people a reason to go back and revisit dungeons after completion. Adding something as big as that is a significant investment in developer resources, so if the content is just something players take one look at, run through and then ignore, the dev resources were wasted.

That’s why, among other things, we need to repeatedly visit the dungeons if we want to craft stuff made of the new materials. It gives the dungeon a reason to continue existing after one playthrough.

And what if the new items are subsequently nerfed into oblivion? This is a kinda understandable fear. Did all that time and effort spent go to waste? The answer is yes only if you never felt playing through the dungeon was fun in itself - if you only enjoyed the destination, and not the journey.

I went through the Wine Cellar for the first time yesterday, and even though a lot of the time I spent there was “oh crap another blue glowy dude with his buddies oh crap heeeeelp!” I still had time to enjoy the view and look around a bit. It’s a bloody confusing place, but it’s also beautiful and interesting. Maybe I won’t be visiting it often, but I’ll still be going back to explore and loot on occasion.

“Because it was there.”


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