Please tell me the game is not dying is almost unplayable

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Performance]
Region: [NA]

[Started playing the game a week ago and i have come across so many bugs and lags and crash is becoming a pain just to “play” i game that i Bought. Im also new to the forums so im just wandering is the game still in an “early access” stage for ps4? Is this a work in progress? A game released and sold at full prize should not be this broken i don’t even play online im playing single player offline and is borderline unplayable. I really love the game concept and what is supposed to feel like playing this game and if it was at least bearable i would love to buy all the dlc and support this game but i want to know im not investing MORE money and time in a game thats either dying or lost development. ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

“Welcome” to the exile lands dead man.
Get used to… some frustrations and maybe you will reach out and dig out for some real funny times.
But always be ready and used to get frustrated…
The game always had some glitch and bugs here and there, some new issues come out with new patches, some new fun time comes out as well, just do no rely to much on “stability”.
We’re still waiting for some serious bug’s fixing since D1 and…mhh let’s say they are a lil’ late, my honest hint is to “play and wait” before paying for extra content (which is basically all cosmetic), then you decide what to do.
Do not rush it, try it, test it… then decide.

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