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I have never seen a game in such poor condition! The opening cinematic freezes constantly, settings don’t save, building pieces don’t ‘snap’, entire areas don’t load (the Black Galleon has no NPC’s), you constantly fall through the map, the game constantly crashes…and this is Single Player…I dread to imagine how it runs on-line!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Its about the same. Just keep adding more to something that dosent work, seems to be the order of the day.

Half a year, thats how long conan has been unplayable for most xbox players. We have had updates to existing mechanics, dlc reskins, followers update, followers 2 update, an additional map, but no fixes for any crashes or stability. Plenty of patches stating crashes have been fixed, but ultimately, everyone of those patches failed to correct crashes and more often than not, created new bugs or revived old bugs.

I have lost all confidence in FC atm, they keep making decisions that make things worse for the xbox community, repeatedly. I created a poll to attempt to clarify what the xbox community wants from CE.

Take a moment to vote if you have the time.

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Well, that was a no-brainer…
I bought CE in to 2017 but stopped when ‘Dayz’ came out. A few days ago I stopped playing that cos I’m just sick n tired of the lag and bugs…for the 5th time my combo lock has become bugged and won’t drop off after the correct code has been input. I thought I’d pick up CE again…wow…it’s certainly changed. I don’t recall any problems with it last time I played…now, it’s even worse than ‘Dayz’ (which I branded as ‘The Worst Xbox Game of All Time’).
At the Black Galleon, I had to, literally, stand there for 10 minutes whilst everything rendered. Then I had to stand on the wooden bridge for another 10 minutes when I left because the area (including the ground) hadn’t rendered…I fell through the map when I stepped off the bridge…logged before I died, and not 2 seconds after reloading I fell again.
‘Dayz’ had the same issues. The devs kept adding stuff when the community made it abundantly clear they just wanted the lag and bugs fixed…


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