This game is practically broken on Xbox

There are so many bugs, glitches, and exploits that it’s hard to believe this game has been out for as long as it has. Even on “performance” mode, it takes literally 5 to 10 seconds to access the inventory of a thrall or animal, and there’s a decent chance you’ll just crash instead. Teleporting somewhere via the map-room? Cross your fingers that your followers come through with you, because apparently that’s a hit-or-miss, too. Cheaters on almost every official server undermeshing their bases despite Funcom insisting they have the latest tech deployed to counter these methods.

It’s just hard to believe they have had literally years to fix this game and it’s STILL borderline unplayable. I never thought I’d play a game that could make DayZ look polished and refined. It’s absolutely staggering how buggy this game is. I just hope that the deal with MS to put it on Game Pass has given Funcom a boost to hire more people (or people that know what they’re doing) to fix the game, because it has potential; it’s just that in its current state it’s almost unbelievably bad.

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Depends on the age of your xbox, how big your base is, how many placeables you have and how often you clear your cache.

im playing conan on xbox now since beta. i have to admit that my old xbox one s had big problems loading my base or inventory as soon as my base had reached a certain size.
but with my xbox series x there are no problems at all with that. my inventory opens directly.
my follower NEVER unfollowed or vanished when using the maproom and im using that very often.
and i barely have crashing, maybe once a week.
for the “cheaters” part, or the undermashing, im playing pvE server so a guess nobody cares on that server.

CE was released for console 3 years ago. It should work with consoles from that period in time. Recent changes have made the servers more stable, connection wise. But the amount of memory shaved from other aspects of the game have created a windfall of lag that effects everything, including thralls becoming undermeshers.

For 3 years people have said this game has “potential”…its great. But FC has to do something with it eventually…right?

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