Please tone down the number of creatures spawning!

I love killing creatures (beasties) as much as the next guy, but… aye, yai, yai!!! why so many at once! reducing the numbers will also help with my older cpu and graphics load (which is really the reason for this suggestion). Sure, It’ll take longer to level up, but I don’t need to reach level 60 in one day (exaggerating)!!


GREAT idea! you have my full support on this! i would say… lets just keep all those neutral herbivores where they are but carnivores or spiders? I agree that this should be dangerous land… but Hyenas or wolfs are just everywhere and after some time they are not dangerous…they are only slowing you down… make them more dangerous and decrease their spawns… A LOT!

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I would agree if that is meant overall. As some serveroption though! Call it spawn density or something.
I dont agree of only filtering carnivores/else creatures…
On testlife the danger comes by number. Like three hyenas having their meal at one spot… I really like that! (And the cubs… cuties! the rhinos… aww… wanna put them on wheel! … what?! xD)

i like that idea of “three hyenas having their meal at one spot” as well, but dont make it like this every 20 yards. i also run into 3 Bears at 1 spot and in few seconds later to 1 black bear and 5 wolfs… Som creatures should be rare than this. like 30 Rhinos for whole desert area, 10 elephants and 10 mammoths. If we are going to need this creatures for rare resources it should be rare on its own with 100% for rare material per corspe

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I agree to your statements/input. Hyenas and wolves are pack animals and should be in multiples. However, I can see a higher concentration of beasts on public servers where there are more people to “hunt” them, but when solo (on a solo server), there needs to be a substantial reduction. Especially for older computers that are having issues already. I know on release there will be a lot of optimizing that the devs have said, which will help a lot with the cpu load, but trying to take on the entire animal population alone, as it is now, is overwhelming.

Thx for all of your input.

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All over the forums I hear nerf this nerf that…make this easier…its conan it’s to be hard as hell. If its easier people will get bored…please just make everything harder


But I do understand the need for weak hardware. Even more if playing singleplayer… The game probably acts the same way it does for ARK -> both hosting the session AND having the player run around. Performance is better if playing on some server. Or for simply bad machines as well without the possibility of upgrading it.
Like I called it density. And not reduced to hostile/agressive creatures!

Kpd10435 it is not about making it easy or something, it is about making it more “realistic”. Hyenas, wolfs, spiders, what ever… are everywhere and kill them, or outrun them is not and issue, but the fact this is everywhere makes it less fun (at least to me)

Nobody is asking for the game to be nerfed. But there shouldn’t be such an astronomical number of hostile mobs around. It’s not hard to avoid 5 crocodiles, all you need to do is jump into deep water and swim along the shore. However, you shouldn’t be able to aggro a pack of crocs in the first place if you don’t wander off. At upper levels, it’s not hard to kill wolves. But, you shouldn’t have 20 wolves chasing you by running from one area to another. Otherwise, you’ll have to stop every 2 seconds to kill them. Where is fun in that? There are just too many hostiles mobs with a very large aggro range. Either reduce the aggro range significantly or reduce the number of hostile mobs.

Gosh yes please! I feel like I am pulling an entire zoo across the map when I run from one location to the next before jumping off a cliff to break the agro.

Would be nice to see creatures in pack and roaming the area together.

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As for “less creatures” or “more creatures”, I would advocate for server options. Some people want an easier game and some want a harder game. So let the population scale with difficulty and give players (specifically, server admins) some sliders to increase spawn frequency, spawn population, spawn locations, and so forth. For example:

  1. NPC humanoid spawns (affects only the human ‘creatures’)
  2. Wilderness (Great River) (regions along the ‘newb’ river)
  3. 2-3 (random number in a group)
  4. Every 20 minutes (meaning there’s a 20 minute gap between when they get killed to when they respawn)
  5. Random patrols=false (AI sits still waiting to be encountered)

OR (for a more difficult experience)

  1. Dafari human NPC spawns
  2. Dafari desert region
  3. 6-8
  4. Every 5 minutes
  5. Random patrols=true (AI will send out roving patrols to path along an established circuit)

Something like a spawn generator to control and govern the difficulty level (even with random generation) could really help how server admins set up the whole Conan Exile experience (which could easily differ from zone to zone and even from one server to the next). For those who don’t want to ‘fiddle’ with that much detail, could simply be given “easy” “intermediate” “hard” and “default” settings, but for those who really want to tailor the experience, the more controls given in the admin panel for humanoids, animals, general regions, number in groups, respawn frequency, and random encounters could really make the experience more interesting.

i simply like the idea o less animals that are wandering around in general… I dont mind if the dangerous creatures are harder to kill, but there is just too many wolfs, hyenas, rhinos, sabertooths, bears, rocknoses, spiders…or what ever…I dont mind to fight, i like PvE more anyway… but it is unrealistic and also boring, after some time it is just dull to fight with creatures everywhere (run and jump on a cliff if you like). Perhaps there should be some kind of Hunger meter = just because there is an Tiger, it doesnt mean it will attack you (only if it is hungry or if you came too close, something like that…) but I have no idea how hard or easy would be to do something like this

It shouldn’t be hard to create a “summoning sickness aggro” effect. Would also avoid ninja spawn attacks.
As for the ammount of creatures: I personally don’t see where the issue is. It is very easy to outrun or kill animals. [joke] Change attributes to 50 enc, 30 survival, equip a good upgraded skining knife = all of a sudden there are no animals around [/joke]

Then read the start of this thread/topic again.
Yes, he dont want to fight hordes at the same time, but the second (and worse) point is about performance.
Since those survival games (with UE4) work in the way of soloplayer/local both hosting the “server” and the client (or similar), it eats up a huge bunch of resources just to have the world working. (I get worse FPS in SP compared to online as well. Yes, my machine is a little old → middle/mid end performance back in 2011. Really need to get new cpu+mainboard+ram in the next 2-5 years…)
This is also why I said its wrong to only reduce the number of agressive creatures, but that should affect ALL creatures. If only half of creatures are on the map, there is only half of them to calculate.
Sure, that could turn down the fun of the game, but where is the fun of the game if its barely working?

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