Randomize monster and wildlife spawns

The same crap spawns in the same place every time. This makes the world seem lifeless and artificial. Variety is the spice of life. Please do the right thing for your game and add spawn variety.

Give this thread a bump if you agree. This is a hard topic to bring attention to because it’s not one of the obvious ones.


+1 to this

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I would really like this.

I can’t think of why not off the top of my head, though things can be harder to code in reality than you’d imagine sometimes.

It’s not like you’d have to have dragons spawning in noob river or anything, but even say 3 or 4 different mob types (appropriate to the area) randomised from each spawn point would go a long way to making the world seem more real, alive and reduce the complacency that develops once you memorise the spawn-points.

The rare chance of an uber version (miniboss) of each creature type spawning would be cool to experience too. Say, something with a slightly different coloured skin or just slightly larger so you’d know it’s a special one. Maybe these could drop something a bit better than the regular mobs too.


I walk around the same elk, and lure the same white walker to my archers every time i make a run for stone. I kill the same 3 wolves every time i go to gather wood. I kill the same wandering archer and dodge the same sabertooth every time i go to my friends base. Its like groundhog day


I’ll go with that.

Would be cool also to maybe go down to farm your friendly neighbourhood boss croc and find him being attacked by a reaper queen or scorpion king ccasionally too.


Yes this would be great

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From what I understand, they reduced the spawns in order to try and alleviate server lag. But apparently that didn’t work because people still complain incessantly about it, but for single players or co-op players or private servers, all it did was make the game more monotonous.

I at very least want the option for randomized spawns, even if it’s more strain on the server.

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So it used to actually work like that?

Yeah, seems like a server toggle could have been the way to go. Wonder why they didn’t.

Maybe with the upcoming performance optimisations this could be reviewed?

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Yeah it does feel like the Spawn pool of animals and wildlife should vary between different areas. So that if you are in a dessert region, a specific spawn point could spawn any animal that belongs to that region, or a cluster of animals.

Also, anybody else notice that the north west snow area constantly has hundreds of animals constantly fighting… LOL, you run through and its a wildlife on going battle every time.


definitively a good idea.

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Yeah. It was cool because sometimes you’d go to the river to fill your canteen and there’d be nothing there. Sometimes there would crocodiles in the water. Sometimes there would be a herd of elephants.

It kept you on your toes.

And the devs made this cool system where animals hunt each other… but because they all spawn in the same spots every time now, you only ever see the same ones having the same fights over and over.

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That’s so sad :disappointed_relieved:

Hopefully, with the upcoming optimisations they can revisit this. Sounds like it used to be sooo much better.

Funcom, please… if possible… you know Crom would want this…

sorry the phrase “funcrom” just popped in my mind) :slight_smile:

I could say something about Crom not answering your prayers… But I won’t.

oh youve started to say it now you have to… cromon :slight_smile:

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