Please randomize mob spawns! Or at least give us the option

So I’ve done a bit of research on the subject by now and gone back through old stream videos and from what I understand, the current iteration of mob distribution was done to reduce server load because people were complaining about lag.

Less mobs overall is probably for the best; but there’s a caveat, all the randomness that the spawn map featured before is completely gone. Now I have no idea what the netcode looks like, maybe that randomness is an extra strain on the server; I wouldn’t know.

What I do know though is many of us just play the game on our private server with a couple of friends, so server load is less of an issue for us (or those who play in single player, for that matter).

The world presents itself as much more natural and immersive when the spawns happen with a degree of uncertainty and randomness.

I would love to see this return at very least as an option for those of us who are less concerned about server load, even if it just means taking the old spawn map and making it one of the server settings.

This is a tricky issue to bring attention to because those who are more pvp-focused and play on public servers might not even notice it, but those who play on less populated servers most certainly do.

TL;DR: Please bring back an element of randomness in the mob distribution, or at very least provide an option for those who run their own servers or play in single player.