Please revamp mob spawns!

I feel that the mob and NPC spawns are in desperate need of variety. The same mobs spawn in the same spot every time. The bandit NPCs spawn in the exact same spot but at very least they have a varied appearance and gear. But for animals, you always get the same critter spawning on the same exact pixel. And if it has a range to wander, the range is tiny.

There used to be a ton more variety. I miss when you wouldn’t know exactly which mobs and how many you’d find in any particular field or cliff. You actually had to be careful, because the world felt like it had a little agency of it’s own.

I’ve heard this was trimmed back in the name of server load?

If that’s true, I have two points to bring up:

1.) The baby was definitely thrown out with the bathwater in this case; especially for those of us who play single player or on private servers with low player count.

2.) It obviously did not fix the latency problems, because people complain about them constantly.

Please at least give us the OPTION of having more varied spawns. The performance hit is a non-factor for those of us who play single player or coop.


+1 to this option

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This is a hard issue to draw attention to.

I completely agree. Variety makes the game more exciting and less repetitive. Anyone play Diablo 2? The game was still on shelves 10 years later. Random thrall, animal, creature placement in its appropriate locale would be an improvement.

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