Regarding creature spawn points

I’m not trying to bust anyone’s chops here, because I think the game has come incredibly far since early access started, and I really enjoy it.

But the spawns as they are right now bore me to tears.

Now I can understand “this is a spider area, see the webs? spiders spawn here”. That’s totally fine, makes sense.

But it’s always the same number of spiders, same type of spiders, and in the exact same spots. There’s one specifically that I’m thinking of that always spawns on the same rock, and it can’t even path off of that rock to attack me. Every time I walk by that spot, I know that spider is going to be up there, facing the exact same direction. It kills immersion.

I remember in previous builds I had to stay alert because I might come around the corner to find a herd of elephants drinking from the river where I normally fill my canteen. The game is sorely missing that now.

Are there plans to bring back an element of randomness with the spawns?

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I think I know to which spider you refer lol

BTW, in the old days it was kind a like that, it was just that stuff moved around quite more, it seems. Also, there were more variety to the mobs you could find everywhere.

I kinda miss a bit that feeling of being surrounded, but OTOH I haven’t progressed too much far north, so I don’t know if Northern areas are more populated… and they simply ease the starting areas a bit.

The green one by the river near the sinkhole?

You probably mean the one that’s trapped between a big rock and a small rock, right? If that’s the one, yeah… I was thinking of that one too :slight_smile:

But there’s another one up high in a rock that cannot leave that place… so it aggroes and stays there looking at you with long eyes :laughing:

EDIT: I was thinking that it’d probably be useful if we post a screenie of the locations, so maybe someone at FunCom can move the spawn a bit. I’ll look into it when I finish my work for the day :slight_smile:

Here are the screenshots, in each case there’s coordinates of the places I was standing when I saw looking at them… the minimap in upper right corner has the direction:

TeleportPlayer 52622.339844 153269.625 -14535.185547

TeleportPlayer 55864.722656 157317.203125 -15577.698242

Both of these are trapped and cannot move… the last one is just stuck in geometry, and after a while it teleports away from where it is and gets freed… but the first one just doesn’t have any “pathing” to reach you… is stuck in a platform up there :slight_smile:

I just started playing this game but the static spawn points and always the same creatures that stand there until you approach. Feels like WoW to me, if creatures roamed and did not have static positions, this would be much more interesting. Having them stand there like statues really takes away from the game experience.

Full agreement there, even a more simple system with different types and sizes that can spawn, or different “nests” that can spawn somewhere - or not spawn at all - , etc. would make it a bit more lively. Or “raids” of different enemies into other areas, where they move around.
Like a Black Hand patrol, etc.

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Agreed. Even a little randomization would go a long way compared to how it is now, and the frustrating part is it used to be that way.

I know server performance is the number one issue for some players, which is why I say it should be an option. Those of us who run private servers are a lot less concerned about public traffic bogging things down.

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