Will the upcoming rebalance include a variance of creature spawns?

Sorry to keep banging on this drum, but I’m wondering if the planned re-balancing will address the fact that creatures always spawn in the same place with 100% predictability. Now I’ve heard a chance of elite creatures spawning instead, which I think is a great step, but my question is more about the locations of the spawns. I like the fact that hyenas spawn near other hyenas, it just sucks that they spawn in the exact same spot every time. It’d be much cooler if you had to keep an eye out for packs of hungry hyenas rather than just automatically knowing where they will be.

They sandbox when you get close enough. If AI activated farther away, positions would be more random without changing where they spawn.

Is there a setting that governs this or is it hard set at the moment?

It’s possible to turn it off. I forget the name of the command, it’s in the ‘performance’ thread posted by Tascha sometime last year. Apparently it’s very detrimental to server performance though, in server-killing territory actually.

We run a private server with like 10 people total, max 4 on at a time usually, so I’m not too worried about the performance consequences. Any idea where I can get more information on this?

EDIT: Reading comprehension kicked in a little late. I’ll search up the thread you mentioned.

SECOND EDIT: I can’t seem to find it… any ideas?

search for LOD. that is the term used.

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