Pls Fix my game

patch did nothing. No servers show and game breaks my playstation.

Well because you asked so nicely! :slight_smile:
Does singleplayer work for you? When you search for servers, are you using the dropdown menu? Please also try using the search bar and type in “official” and see if anything shows for you.
We’re working hard and investigating lingering crashing issues so I appreciate your patience!


i have done all the suggestions i have seen on here and the webs and nothing works. Been through Sony and my ISP and all works right with them.A ll worked day one (servers were full but i could see them). when i use dropdown or type official i get nothing. if i look through server locations ( US / EU / SA …where ever) they all say 0 (zero) servers. i bought this game for online but yes single player and co-op work (buggy mess) just online quit and breaks playstation.

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Do you even own the game
Are you just reading the bad reviews

So it used to work, but something changed after Day 1. PS4 player from Early Access PC here. You’re going to hate this, and I did too because my rural internet connection speed is very poor. If you can’t get it to work by verifying the game files, you need to uninstall the whole game, reacquire it via the Store and reinstall it, then patch it. I say this because if you follow what we went through at Steam: we used to have to do this a bit on the PC, a few TestLive versions ago.

Kratos is an old dadman. Conan never ages. :smiley:

Please let me know what you discover.


I was on a private server. And it disapear. Me and my friends lost everything. Any one else had this problem today???

Im having the same issue. Was on this morning with my friends and we all crash. And tge server said full and then we couldnt find it all. Im on ps4 and you??

yeah man it worked day 1 and i have reinstalled it and rebuilt data base… redid my whole ps4 (is what Sony always tells you to do) and i have 1gb fiber network. I’m just stumped as to the issue and yeah i do get a bit miffed since i work hard for my money and this is my hobby. (and to the fella below I’m near 50 years old and know the value of my money if you worked and paid bills you would complain also if what you pay for does not work)

True bro. I work 6 days a week 11 hours. You have a server??. Me and my friends are looking for a new that will be on. We all active daily players

I totally get it. I’m sorry for your frustration. You’ve obviously put enough time and heart into it already, so you must like the game and that says a lot. If it’s any consolation, we from TestLive and EA in general have been where you are, but with the PC we have many tools to help pull up servers even without the gaming interface working correctly. For instance we can connect to it via IP address. Do you know the IP of the server?

nah man. I don’t have a server. Hell i cant even get any server from anywhere to show and my psn/net get shut down so it would do me no good to have my own.:tired_face:

True. They just post they fixing it. I will see in 9 hours wen i leave work

I’d be less frustrated if a dev or something would comment on this specific issue that not only I have. But thx for trying to help out. guess i’ll just have to cross my fingers they work it out since they don’t seem to comment on it.

She did. @Spynosaur_Nicole works for Funcom. :star: :asset:

You’re welcome, sorry I missed that. I really hope there’s a solution for you.

You’re right. I didn’t notice she was from Funcom either. I just assumed from what started as a snarky response she was just another volunteer Mod like the last one who was no help but just a Dick.

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you’re right buddy. I have been spitting venom on here but i’m just a little pist. If you look at the beginning i was pretty mellow about it all but as time goes on and no one (at the time) says squat. I get upset. Now what can i do… just accept that i paid for a product that is defective or complain until it is fixed. I’ll try not to type in anger but being nice didn’t seem to get a response.

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