Poitain Cavalier Armor should be Strength Based

Overview: Poitain Cavalier heavy armor set is a beauty. It is simply a gorgeous model but the accuracy modifier does not feel good.

Suggestion: To change the Poitain armor to be strength based or strength/vitality hybrid.


  1. The model lends itself to a heavy melee knight.
  2. Archery paired with this heavy armor doesn’t feel right.
  3. The armor would be used more widely.
  4. The showcase image for Riders of Hyboria showcased the armor with a lance (Not a bow)
  5. It has cavalier in the name (I understand this isn’t the same as cavalry) but that has close association with knights.

(I understand the armor is older now and a few DLC’s past. But every time I am at my crafting bench I can’t help but think about this.)

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Another way around is to make the pikes accuracy based.

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