[POLL] Oficial Servers Need Schedule Wipe? - please vote again ;)

Official PvP servers need to be wiped. On many popular official servers you spend the time to build your base, collect resources and play like an honest player. Only to be Godded down by unlimited God tokens. Or unlimited explosives. And to make matters worse the same players completely block off certain resources with their unlimited foundations. So you are left with sticks and stones. On official server 1945 (PVP) we have delt with major alpha clans completely blocking off Shattered Springs and the volcano. We did have one Administrator get on and clear the foundations. But only for them to be placed back the very next day by the people who duped the foundations in the first place. There was no ban administered. And to make matters worse, the people doing this are trying to sell new players resources for real life cash. These Servers are dieing because nothing has been done for months to honestly fix the issues at hand. Fix the Exploits and cheats and then wipe all official pvp servers so everyone has a fair fresh start. and people will want to play again.


The new population revamp for basically all the caves, the summoning place, Sepermeru before that…NONE of that is endgame. They have invested plenty of resources into non-endgame content. Frankly more than other games I’ve played in the past. They generally went with the “newer more shiny, better than the last area and never need to go back there again” approach. Which is an awful waste of all the work everyone blew through already trying to get to the newest endgame content (WoW prime example). I think CE is doing a better job of utilizing the entire map and keeping it surprisingly fresh BRAVO!


They have turned Gods off on officials for the duping reason . they will turn them back on once they have a fix for the current trick.

As for unlimited, yeah, i agree, but instead of wipes, they need to look at everything having some sort of decay and figure out the Thrall decay better. Food was taxing server, and a bit grindy, but what we have now is similiar to “poking” someone on Facebook every week. Not really your friend, but just wanted you to remember i was here.

The only exception to the decat rule should be ice in a preserve box. Not he other items but ice itself. The preserve boxes should delay decay by 10 times ON CONSUMABLES ONLY!!!. 1 hour becomes 10 hours, etc. And make thralls and pets only store-able only in vaults. This i think would remove the hoarding nature to an extent, and cause more of the OG large clans to log in and actually farm instead of refresh their pillar Vaults or hidden stashes they use to nuke new players on server when they feel like it. Possibly be a setting, PVE and PVE-C can have it as normal. PVP should be about risk v reward of raiding. There is no risk to take 400-500 bombs (naked style 20 at a time) and fail on a raid, if i already have 3000 others stock piled to try again and again to wipe someone with 2-3 days on the server.

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Servers need a refresh programmed to ensure competitiveness within the server. Otherwise there will always be a very big step between who is inside the server and who just entered. (PvP Servers)

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there was more to warmaker patch than the dungeon.

I’m sorry, I thought you followed the forums enough to read the updates.

If you look just below the warmaker section you will see the population revamp section. FC has been intentionally vague about these changes and not listed them out so that players will DISCOVER them. Buccaneer Bay, as well as the places I previously mentioned.

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That’s the thing about this game, what I found there might not interest you and vice-versa. I see tamable thralls and pets mainly, gear from bosses, and mats for new items. There are other things like merchants, etc that hold more value to others.

There was a patch many months ago where NPC armor became a mechanic and not just window dressing on a villager, this made all NPC combat more difficult. They have since made some adjustments to Sepermeru (way up, then down just a tad) and changed how different NPCs react to PCs (plunderers).

None of this is what is considered end game content

You can disagree if you like, but the end game content is not defined by your ability (or lack thereof) to

End game content is the part of the game that you play once the max level has been attained and is usually the location with the best rewards. It changes with the introduction of new endgame content where better rewards can be obtained. Currently end game applies to Warmaker

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I would be very disappointed if I bought this game today and finished Warmaker’s by the end of the week. But this is not the point we have been discussing

I still hold to my original point that development is not as “tightly” focused on end game development as you have expressed and hopefully I have demonstrated thru examples.

There has only been one point of disagreement this whole time and it is CLEARLY shown starting


which was in reference to the level of resources FC has invested into non-endgame content. You said perhaps you missed it and referred to a few ore nodes. Perhaps our issue is the definition of resources?

no they were not, they were general population revamps, not level specific. Go to the Den and see how easy it is to get the new claws, I can quote OH SO MANY people from here that have said the SAME THING.

Now look, I AM NOT arguing that FC does a good job informing new players of jack. They suck at it! But that was never the discussion, it was about the amount of resources (time, people, money) they spend on non-endgame content.

I’m not saying it wouldn’t be helpful for FC to be good at telling new customers how to play, but they don’t really have to…there is a wiki that we have adopted. 3rd party resources/apps have been used for decades now to supplement the shortcomings of game design. I remember dogging WoW because of some functionality that they had yet to integrate into their system, and they eventually did. That was Blizzard, much bigger company. FC should invest ALL it’s resources into fixing these bugs and keeping a revenue stream alive to pay those devs to fix it.

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Great point on the claws. And don’t forget the shark bites daggers that are literally just a lucky draw, no fighting necessary in that area.

Witch Doctor in summoning place, easiest Alchemist to get and tame, along with purge recipes.

The XP ramp up on some of the easier to kill beasties levels you pretty quick. Dagon recipes only take 1st level hold breath perk and you can get all but the boss recipe right away.

you can buy T2 alchemist and fighter right away. That is early game level that has no end game value for a level 60 veteran.

Mini bosses RNG spwaning in noob river that are do-able by level 30.

If a new player wants to slow play it, that is fine. But part of slow playing, and the idea behind it is to learn as you experiment, and not rush experiencing the learning curve organically. If someone is coming in to rush into the higher tier areas, then they will not be the trial by error type, and will have googled a bunch of the mechanics ahead of time so they can hurry to the end game play.


These mini bosses drop demon blood for explosive arrows and such, alchemist base, random stuff like that, as well as gives you a chance to practice against harder hitting enemies, and still survive.

Buccaneer Bay…I know a dancer, alchemist, and fighter if i am not mistaken. Level 20-30 area. Gold coins.

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great, so it was the definition of resources after all

I have to agree with @Shadoza on this one. It feels like a majority of the map is geared towards end-game/level 60 players. Look at all the new legendary gear for example. The new dungeons are also intended for groups or solo players with T4 Volcano or UC thralls which sounds like end-game to me.

I’ve reached 60 with several characters prior to the recent updates. However, I didn’t messing with the Black Hand camps along the Noob river until around the mid 40s because of how dangerous they are now. I’m at level 55 now and still don’t feel strong enough to start go into New Asagard.

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Since this question has been triggered by pvp exploits and such funcom therefore should only wipe pvp and conflict servers. That hardly affects pve so why would I have to lose all my progress over a game mode I don’t even play? Im all for funcom to implement a system in pve so that decayed bases thralls disappear after a couple days after the base is gone. Honestly I wouldn’t like to start over and over just because pvp pushed it to that point and as much as I love this game that would eventually push me to quit. It would be appreciated if your question was more clearly stated as to not include pve servers on the wipe over pvp server problems.

Just saying.

I will quit and uninstall Conan Exiles the day I find out they are gonna start “scheduling wipes” for official servers.

This game is already tedious enough on official servers grinding and building up a large base that looks good. It can take months for a small clan, or a solo player to finish a build.

My suggestions for players that want “wipes”. Find a dead server, and start up there. When other people see you online, they will migrate to that server for the same reason you do. (Low population).

I don’t understand why these people are picking the 39/40 servers and then expecting to find anything but walls and buildings everywhere. Especially if it’s a PvP server.

Use your brain, pick a mildly populated server, bring a friend or two with you, and stay active for a couple weeks. Just you and a couple other players being online with attract other like minded players and before you know it you have started a small, active, fresh server population.

You can even grow that population by putting some effort into retaining noobs. (Not insta ganking them at noob river) (Or giving them material resources to help them along.)

But yea, again, the day I read about official’s being wiped is the same day I uninstall and find a new game to waste my life in.

This is all digital, and games are not meant to be frustrations. Making a game that allows people to build stuff… and then destroying that stuff,… is like McDonalds eating your cheeseburgers for you.

It’s stupid.

Nobody would go to McDonalds if THEY ate the burgers after you paid for them. So why would (a large portion of us) play this game if our buildings get auto destroyed after we build them.

Server Wipes and Short Decay timers are a real bane on the survival multi-player community. Better, more rewarding options exist for dealing with building problems like this.


Same. If I hear “it’s a game, just deal with it” one more time, I’m gonna puke. Because I “deal with” plenty of things in life (and quite happily at that) but games are supposed to be free time for relaxation, not a sour, grindy, secondary job.


Even if we don’t get wipes I feel we need more cleanup mechanics.

For starters, I’d like to see sandstones hp reduced and for sandstorms to actually damage sandstone. This would mitigate a lot of the sandstone spam/mega-structures that plague the game and would mean that regardless of decay timer, if you built too much of it and could not maintain the entire thing, it would destroy itself.

It’s just so easy to make and spammable that additional cleanup mechanics would really help reduce it’s overuse and abuse.

It would be appreciated if people who don’t have a stake in the wipes did not troll as well because they have no stake in the fight and just want to see the servers burn. No, please leave PvE grouped in with the PvP servers to help ensure there is a consequence to someone voting.

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