Wipe servers prior Age of War

One of the biggest problems with Conan is the fact official server never get wiped and people who abused bugs are just over the top rich. Even if you manage to raid them, they have alt accounts filled with loot sent to cloud. A massive wipe would deal with o MUCH issues we have right now. It would reset maps, remove all ill gotten loot from exploting bugs (like the last one about placing skulls to the ground and retrieving magi skulls for MASSIVE amounts of resources.)


The skull glitch isn’t even the latest one people are using to dupe. It’s all over YouTube right now. They definitely need to wipe but I highly doubt they will do that and risk running even more people off of the game.

I only want a wipe if they change the TOS and make nobuild zones around POIs… bigger. Other wise you’ll end up right back here.

It just ain’t gonna’ happen. Time after time after time Funcom have said that Wipes WILL NEVER happen on OFFICIAL SERVERS. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy with the duplication exploit that is happening, let alone the 1 shot truncheon deal that some players are using to bag themselves an Arena Champ as a thrall, but I also accept that if I want to play on an official server, which I do, then I have to accept the fact that some people can only survive by cheating and exploiting.

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I bet you don’t have an alt account and everytime you get raided, you start with nothing in desert.

How do you know they have alts filled with loot?

Maybe they have more time to play. It doesn’t take long at all to for a clan of few to get back on feet, even, if you took everything from them…

It’s common knowledge at this point, @Bambere .People even bragg about it.

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I would love a server wipe on official servers, but it won’t happen. However any builds that are on/near POI should be deleted automatically.

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Considering our servers are 4 - 5 years old… The ammount of glitches and dupes that this game has even now.

People will still call you crazy for asking for a Wipe

Still gona have to say it. Wipe would be weird with the battlepass. I want it tho.

Server wipe every new Chapter ? 3 - 3 months
Server wipe at the start of every Age ? 9 - 9 months

Anything is better then 5 year old servers.

People are very attached to their legacy items, you see. Many would rage if they lost that stuff.

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Simplistically: Official servers have Decay to ‘moderate’ the abandoned - and it is quite thorough. Addressing sprawl-bases where Decay doesn’t activate can be ‘raided’ away in normal fashion.
Modded Private servers just have more active, hands-on clearing of the unwashed and indiscrimate builders (usually).
Full wipes, though they certainly ‘work’ are simply not fair at all to regular players not abusing the system (yes, there are some).
Unless it compromises the game engine there should really be little need to Wipe servers.

Sorry but if I lost my character that I’ve spent literally years with I’d probably stop playing … and I’m not alone
Luckily, FC knows that.


What would you actually lose though? You could recreate your character on the fresh server with the same appearance and same name. Progressing to the endgame only takes a couple of days if you know what your’e doing. Bases can be rebuilt and anyway if you’re on officials then you don’t have a huge irreplacable base because Funcom would have banned you for it. Thralls would be a hassle to level back up but you don’t actually need any with the way vanilla PVE is. So what’s lost exactly?

It’s really more of a thought experiment anyway since I don’t think anyone wants to wipe PVE or PVE-C servers. They only want to wipe PVP servers to get rid of all the exploited items from years ago that have given cheaters a permanent insurmountable advantage. But seriously, why is a wipe the end of the world?


I can accept a wipe only if Maps get update. There are areas in the exiled lands that are really ugly and pointless, and lots of things could be better.

A wipe would solve nothing good. Many new ways to abuse game systems will emerge with future updates. The only result of wipe would be losing some players.


Idk about you, but I play on PvE. What I do/don’t do with my game has no bearing on how you play. PvP? Sure, I understand your argument. However I’ve been subjected to the server merge from last April and I’ll say I saw numerous players not touch the game again after they got wiped and had to start over because they took a bit of time away and missed the announcement. If Funcom doesn’t wanna kill their player base, they will not wipe any server without just cause. You’re just gonna have to deal with it, because I don’t want to restart AGAIN all because someone cries over feeling disadvantaged. Funcom tends to do blanket changes, so what happens on pvp doesn’t always just affect PvP. PvE servers often pay the price for PvP complaints.

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No one has to worry about server wipe.
Game is design to keep players playing.

Player has something on server they built and it belong to them. They put time and effort in. They also have to keep playing to reset decay timers.

Its something that keep players going, even when they get bored of the game.

Pvp doesn’t even matter. Like someone said. It doesn’t take that much time to start from scratch.
Loot means nothing in pvp. If someone is in the mesh. They will go back right after the wipe or build another sky base.

Actually it does.

PVE servers are the ones in most need of a wipe.

I know it’s not just me. I’m used to starting over. I hit 60th level and eventually I get :yawning_face:
“So dragon hunt today? Do the underwater dungeon for mats again”? :zzz:
That’s when I go play something else for a while and comeback, start over.
Once I hit 60th and the dungeons are done, so am I.
I just don’t get how some one can play on the same server/build for years. And if someone is going to get angry over losing virtual stuff, maybe they need step out side for a while, see what is actually important.




what would I lose?
Knowledge … It would take weeks or even months to relearn everything, some of it would be impossible.
Trained thralls, selected from dozens of failed attempts in the days before the “potion”, and with them later properly buffed.
Rare craftsmen … from the purges, God knows how long I’d have to farm them again.
Rare armor, weapons, etc.
The base I’ve been working on for months.
Red mother torch …which can take 3 months or a year to farm if you’re unlucky

Overall - 2 years of playing

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None of that is real.

The game will eventually shut down and you will lose all that.

I’m just one of those people that getting the item means a personal victory. I have no need of a trinket to show it off. I hunt dragons for mats, not heads to hang on the wall.

wiping the servers wouldn’t change a single thing. the people and clans that know the game would be right back on top and the ones always wanting funcom to wipe the servers because its not fair that someone has more than them would still be at the bottom.

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