Pom soul of mitra

what action are they taking?) this guys still playing

Not with 80 feats tho

Should reset the kills to 0 in my opinion. But at least they did something i guess.

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Got hit with warped dead in open world pvp. Eos dt. People still out there with full feat trees

Another pom with soul of mitra… whats going on with this server

They need to reset the server feats at next reset I’ve seen too many lvl 80 spells and feats

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i wrote petition for this specific pom like 3 times, they really dont care at all, at least, he sucks, even with lvl 80 skills

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I’ve petioned it too. Funcom simply dont understand what is going on.
We still have players running around with the legendary level 80 stats ring, cause its wearable at level 1.
We still have people using level 80 feats.

GM’s have been told about this through petitions. Funcom staff have also been told through this and other threads.

Nothing is done. Nothing.

At this point I dont think its Funcom being lazy. I think they are utterly incompetent about this particular game. They just dont know any better.