Build for new lvl 80 POM

Achieved lvl 80 as a POM, only played solo so far.

What build would be appropriate to start doing group content bearing in mind I have no gear?

Or should I lay of group content until I aquire some gear?

Also any EU tz guilds recruiting players of “cough” more advanced years.

Thank you for your time.

I’d suggest something like this. :wink:

About groups, most of the time they request 2 healers, so you should be fine, as long as you keep your blue and green heals up and you don’t forget about your big heal. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks will give that a go.

If you get mana issues with that specc, u could swap purification of mitra to light of mitra. that generates some extra mana when you use blueheal. a tip is to learn to keep track of the wave of life’s and emnation of lifes timers, so u dont renew them too often unnessessarely, very mana eating thing to do in the beginning when your manapool is low.

Thanks, will try this as well. I do need to remember to keep an eye on thise little icons at the top of the screen.

Henryx’s Priest of Mitra Divinity Build | Henryx – Age of Conan Blog (

If you know how to DPS properly, you must have Ether Discharge feat or else you are going to run out of mana frequently. You can’t play PoM with any of the builds mentioned here without Silver Twilight buff or a pocket ToS.
Do not waste points on light of mitra. It is useless.
Go for something like this: Priest of Mitra - Feat Planner - JoharAoC then work on getting the silver twilight buff from chaos and kuth gems.
Spellweaving also gives mana tap for fights you are allowed to use it.

Seriously? :laughing:

You just have to learn how to manage your mana, but it’s definitely possible to play those builds without Silver Twilight. Obviously Silver Twilight makes it a no brainer, but is not mandatory. :grin:

What do you mean by mana management? Stop healing? Stop attacking? That doesn’t make any sense.
It’s better to feat ether discharge and play your class as it should be played.
Without silver twilight you can’t play PoM properly, there is no such thing as mana management.

Last time a “good player” told me about mana management, he asked me to stop using green heals and that I should not use rebuke lol.

@NorthernMonkey It’s better to test all builds and see what suits you better.

going general is a bad advice !
As Mori said, if mana management is hard, remove Purification of Mitra and feat Light of Mitra (wich also gives mana back to the group).

I mean:

  • Don’t spam blue and green heals, but recast them only when they’re about to expire;
  • Keep your mana potions running;
  • Don’t spam Cleansing Fire, but wait until the dot is expired;
  • If you get low on mana, just settle for less mana consuming spells (like Smite) until you have recovered.

Can you specify what you think is bad about light of mitra? You give Mana, Stamina and energy to the whole group instead of just mana to yourself. All for 7 less points than your suggestion. 7 points allows you to go further into the vengance tree and not miss out on:

  • Searing eye + insta smite which is a big deal for your damage
  • Glowing radience which buffs all affected by big heal damage boost (whole raid)
  • 17 more magic dmg that you were forced to trade off from Holy vengance when u decided to go general.

Not good calling people troll when everyone here is trying to help a NEW player. Everyone is trying to help, not just you.

He is a new player, he doesnt have silver twilight or a solid group with ToS, that is why ether discharge is mandatory if he wants to play correctly.

Light of mitra is terrible. Just doesnt help at all.

My advice is to test all builds. If he is not a very good player, doesn’t make sense to feat ether discharge either, his mana wont get low anyway. If he is good, then ED is mandatory to play without getting frustrated by mana issues.

Most people are playing with OP gear/organized groups, they have no idea how the real world is. Good luck my friend.

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Ahh you are making more sense now. I beg to differ, organized groups is the real world in this context.

You would be more helpful if you provided arguments instead of exaggerated hunches, I didnt ask if you thought light of mitra is extremely imba or terrible, i asked you what you think is bad with it.

You could have asked for more arguments or explanations if you havent understood what I meant. Calling me a troll or saying im exaggerating is not good for any discussion.

Take your gear off, remove silver twilight and do not have a tos on your team.

Now summon a straw man and make a perfect heal/dps rotation with your build. Tell us how long can you sustain your heals/dps if possible.

I had showed that to a veteran T6 PoM player, asking for advices, and she told me I was wasting mana with rebuke and green heals lol. After that I noticed I would be better figuring it out on my own.

My PoM has average gear and silver twilight nowadays so this is the build i’m using now: Priest of Mitra - Feat Planner - JoharAoC

Havent decided if improved purification is better than holy vengeance nor i will try to. Just playing for fun anyway.

Thank you for explaining how you came to your conclusion, i still didnt hear anything about why light of mitra is “terrible” tho. If you cant go into detail about the ability more than that then its hard to argue its not a exaggerated hunch.

To cut it short. All main poms I know have done leveling / groupcontent / raid with light of mitra before their manapool became steady. Arguing that those people didnt play the class “correctly” would be absurd. Those people did T4 and T5 with mostly T1 gear on PVE saga. I do agree with Lareal that you should try diffrence stuff out so u get a feeling of the class :slight_smile: Sorry for bombarding your thread.

Light of mitra is bad because, as I said previously, it doesn’t help at all. That means the mana regen is not enough to allow you to do a perfect heal/dps rotation. Ether discharge is infinite mana. It is impossible to run out of mana even in dungeons like coppice or raids like t3.5.

Ether discharge is not needed on solo content, it is quite bad honestly, but the OP wants to start doing group content so that is why I gave the suggestion to use my build.

Looking away from the question if Light of mitra or not is worth it from your own pov. If you are in a group with lowbie gear players without a tos, like you stated. There will most of the time be a demo or necro in the group who also struggles with mana. Using Light of mitra will help them aswell.

So all these things considered
Lower mana across the group.
No glowing radience (group buff)
17 lower magicdmg
No searing eye and insta smite.

Obviously results in less total damage in a group setting

Yeah no point in our discussion really. He has to try the most popular builds anyway, if he still has mana issues, he can try my build and see for himself what suits him better.

We gave him plenty of options, that was the point of the thread. Thanks for helping new players.

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Thanks all for helping, going to carefully read all the feats and try and get a proper understanding of the class.
You’ve made me think about things that I didn’t know I had to thing about.

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