[PoM] Looking for leveling build and guide for PoM

PoM this time everyone. Looking for easy solo leveling build.

I’d personally go Vegence for leveling since it focuses more about the Pom than the Divinity spec that focuses more on the group.

What you want in the start is to buff your smite as much as possible.
When you get a bit higher i’d switch that to more of a cleansing fire+searing eye spec. http://joharaoc.eu/feat?link=v2_11866afc66e1a66b5d669062f05c2f0c02f1ec2f3de2f24e2f1852f5d02f5082f7c4

And later on you kinda want both of them and a pure Vengence spec with insta bigheal that does damage.
The rest of the points you can choose either to get more damage from vengence or more survival from general.

When you hit 80 you want to change out much of the points to a divinity spec with cleansing fire and searing eye from Vengence.

/Ubermiley the Pomonologist