[ToS] Tempest of Set This Time: Leveling Build and Tips?

Tempest of Set this time. Looking for a solo leveling build and any recommended tips in order of picking feats and playstyle.

I am continuing to request these in hopes that it is helping others.

Have you considered trying to figure it out yourself and learning the class? It’s much funnier


You might want to google or even use the search function in this forum. There is already plenty of information out there.

You will not find very detailed leveling guides or builds, because you basicly learn every class while leveling anyway, which is neccessary to be able to survive at lvl 80. There is nothing worse than just copy and paste any build without knowing what to use why to use it, what you ditch or trade for for what, which rotation or synergies to use.
For most classes you can just follow an 80s build while leveling. Most raiding or 80s guides explain the choices that had been made for which build, so you can learn along those guides what to aim for and what to avoid.

Not trying to be rude here - but man, requesting leveling builds for every class now?
Here is a perfectly fine guide for TOS:

Was trying to be constructive as well as help provide information to others.

No problem. I won’t post again and will source information otherwise.

There’s nothing wrong with asking questions. Players that are willing to learn are very nice to see so keep it up, and have fun :smiley:


Nah. I’m good. I’ll find it elsewhere

It’s not like the tooltips in this game are clear about exactly how things work. Then later you find out you’ve been having faith in a useless feat :joy:

like in many cases a 5% increase to “dps” is not actually a 5% real increase in damage on said combo/spell.

In other games where tooltips are more reliable, or a game with less “useless” feats I guess going your own path could be more fun.

So I disagree a bit with Kantakwa about leveling up according to an endgame build. On the ToS in particular, if you go the thunder tree 1st you’ll be more worse off than if you go lightning. Not to mention most endgame builds skip spark storm, which is a must on a lower level tos IMO.


u can rly run any spec pre-80 since there is no pvp even on fury low lvls nowadays, don`t even bother urself with that before lvl 80,just try things out.

What lurvi said is pretty wise, so just in case someone else will stumble upon this question:
A questingToS plays complety different than a level 80 tos. While alot of the skills in thunder tree are awesome for group play, theyre pretty useless for solo play where you’d rsther kill your foes with burst damage rather than slowly debuffing and building up great sustained dps: storm crown or the idol come to mind.
Also until you you reach level 60 for sets brutal storm you will be rarely using storm field, but rely on lightning sparks and lightning strike more heavily.
On the other hand, lightning tree has a bunch of skills that shine early. Bonus to hit rating is king while leveling and it even comes with more constitution.
Lvl 40 build: