So, I'm trying to decide what healer to start levelling

So I wanted to ask, you, the more experienced healers on what you would recommend to me. What I pick will be my main and only healer as I hate going for more than 2-3 alts.

I have no experience with healers only with melee. I outright hate mages in this game since they are (from what I experienced and saw so far) point and click based classes which I hate in any game except CRPGs (only ever exception). I really love the combo system in this game and it is probably my main attraction (ok I lied, it’s the amazing armor design, but combo comes straight out 2nd). So far from what I have seen BS has epic Hyrkanian medium armor which looks quite amazing and interested me a lot (ofc I gotta be lucky with drops first); question is, even though BS has that medium armor (which looks more heavy than medium tbh) based on what I mentioned, are other classes worth mentioning either way?
Sigh, what else. Well, I like heavy looking armor for some apparent reason, no idea why. I despise shields…

Yeah I think that is it. So which class do you guys recommend from healers?
Would be nice as well if you guys talked a bit about each of the healer classes, differences etc so I can get my opinion out of them as well.

Well you like combos and don’t like casters, I think you know what to pick.

Unfortunately I don’t, otherwise I wouldn’t ask. Outside of the fact that I know that BS can wear up to medium armor, use a club, and Pom use sword and shield, that’s all I know. I want to expand my ranks with a healer, but as I said, I have no idea about anything about these classes. That’s why I’m asking. Sure, I hate casters, but I have to endure casting part. But I need to know, from what I said, which class will be most enjoyable as well as cosmetically most appealing.

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This is my first reply/post on these forums, so sorry if I seem/sound like a noob.

Since playing these games in 1999, ive noticed one thing.

You dont really choose the class - the class chooses you.

What I mean by this is as such: Like me for instance. I tried playing Tempest, i hated it. I died a lot more than I felt like I should have… THEN i started PoM…

Nuff said!

I love PoM. I am able to do things ive never been able to do on a tempest, even a necro. I can tank 3-4 mobs around my level and AOE them while CC’ing/DPSing them better (in my opinion) than I ever did on my tempest or my necro.

What this means is, me as an individual I seem to have better “synergy” with PoM than other classes ive tried to play. Thats why on some games, when ive played a class a long time - then I try a different new class, I usually hate it. Not because I cant “grow into” the new one, but my belief is that the other native class im better at is just better for me, ie. it chose me.

Anyone in any competitive occupation will tell you they had similar results. Its like some baseball players or basketball players trying different sports, but they dont ever really “get it” or “catch on” and end up going back to what they know.

Its really good to broaden your horizons and experiment, but youll eventually find that one class you enjoy playing more than any of the others.

My advice to you, although somewhat long-winded by now, is to just experiment. You cant really ask someone to tell you what to play, because they are not you - they dont know what you like…etc.

The best thing to try is, try all 3 healers - one of them will ring out to you and youll be like “yeah, this is the one!”.

I hope my advice helped, and I hope you are able to find your answer and your truth. :slight_smile:

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So it seems to me, what you are looking for is a heavy armor looking badass that uses a shield and 2 hander but uses melee/combos but has heal backups.

So basically a 2 hander pally?

My knowledge of the classes of this game is not such that I can recommend a specific class but if I had to hazard a guess, i’d say maybe - bear shaman would work?

To be honest ive been wanting to try bear shaman, but im enjoying PoM so much right now im afraid ive spoiled myself.

I also want to give tempest a second look and another try as well, but definitely not before bear shaman.

I really liked necro, but it seems they dont have good self healing and tough to tank on a necro if you cannot get a boss to aggro to your pets.

Truthfully ive given necro about as much effort as Tempest, but I will say hands down necro was more “uber”/powerful than tempest.

Ive been seeing groups asking for (non POM) when asking for heals, so not sure if raids/groups PoM is in a bad place or not, or its just my perception - but i love PoM so far. (level 26, leveling was a breeze).

You should know that PoM is lots like playing a caster/nuker though - so if you dont like caster playstyle you wont like PoM or Tempest at all.

If I play BS ill come back and let you know how I found it.

There are 2 problems:

  1. I will use a boost to avoid grind (which is a pain). So I won’t be able test the classes much. Most if not all classes outside of conq severely change a lot at 80

  2. The only real difference I will begin to see is at lvl 80, I am not gonna waste boost on testing.

So I want to get the most fitting healer and go from there.

I main a conqueror, the healer is nothing more than a role filler in worst circumstances

Thank you, exactly the type of info I needed.

So what’s the playstyle like with the 3 classes?

PoM : Caster playstyle like you said you hate
ToS : Caster playstyle like you said you hate
BS : Combo playstyle and heavier armor like you said you like


Yeah im leveling a shaman now, its more 2 hander combat focused with some magic in there (maybe 25% magic oriented, 75% melee oriented), and I am hearing that at high levels BS are pretty OP. So you should be happy.

Garrus not all mages are point and click my main is a HoX and that class is combo heavy with mostly insta cast spells imbetween …(best class in game) haha …but I rolled a ToS love it storm lord vibe but boring in solo just spamming certain spells but really shines in groups/raids

honestly i wouldn’t waste a boost on any char in aoc. the playstyles are very different and you will have a hard time learning to play it at an acceptable level. especially bs and hox need a lot of micromanaging, so levelling them up properly will help your learning process a lot.


Oh yeah, I heard that BS has a 2HB. Not fan of clubs but…Considering that people say he’s the only melee healer, and the fact that he can wear a heavy looking armor…worth a try. To be fair seeing how “ugly” 2H animations are, whether HE or HB it wouldn’t make much difference, but hell, I’m willing to endure it.

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Problem is, HOX and BS are the only melee casters, the others are casters only and no matter how you would describe those, they are point and click.

Look, I understand some classes are better, but I play this for enjoyment not to satisfy other ppl. I have learned the hard way that if I make a character to satisfy people, I will suffer in the long run. Hence why I’m saying a big no no to PaC casters.

That’s what you believe. People keep saiyan that without any hard proof. Many people learn better with all skills than building up. Not only that, boosting will help me avoid all that BS levelling and boredom I would normally suffer. This is what I did with conq, and I now am full into the game than being burned out from levelling. I already have a damn ed sin I have to lvl up from 50 to 80. I’m not going to also do a BS from lvl 1 as well.

If you hate mages, PoM and ToS are not for you, they are basically the same as Necro and Demo in terms of using spells and so on, they even share the same animations for most spells.
Since you like the combo system you should play a BS, they are great healers and can provide some nice group buffs, especially for melee players.
Besides the blue heal, and the manifestations you don’t really have to use any spells as BS (obviously there are more spell-like buffs but you have to use them so rarely it feels like using the spell-like talents of any other melee class), you constantly need to do combo attacks just like a Barb or DT or anything else but obviously, you shouldn’t forget to throw your heals to keep them up.
Mastering a BS is harder than mastering other classes, their DPS isn’t that high and in order to achieve really good DPS you need great gear and lots of skill, that said, the higher “skill floor” of this class, compared to other classes, makes the BS even more fun in my opinion.

Please just don’t play the BS as a heal bot… just throwing heals every 2 seconds isn’t going to do it, every healer in AoC needs to attack and do DPS.


For your playstyle i would have gone for The BS. That is a mele class as u are used to and like.

Pom/tos is casters and have no combos What so ever. Weapons/shield is just to buff theyr dmg or sirvival.

I don’t plan to be just a healing pot standing on the side lines, I always enjoy fighting in this game thanks to the amazing combat mechanics. Also I know that I am supposed to heal when the healing effect is almost gone, read the healing guide a bit.

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It was a joke lighten up Iam not telling you to play HoX iam giving you my opinion

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Also, what I wanted to add:

Keep in mind that the hyrkanian BS armor isn’t great stats wise, Tiger gear with some Yag-Kosha parts (to switch if you need some more healrating) is what you should go for, the Hyrkanian set is rather tanky and low on DPS which has limited use in most dungeons.
But obviously, for vanity it looks really nice.

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Yeah, most gear I hunt for is vanity than actual stats XD